Enjoy this Moment, This Moment is Your Life!

Published 16/03/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

enjoy the moment

Enjoy this moment, this moment is your life!

Stop and enjoy!

Most of us go about our daily lives in the search of something, it could be searching for success, money, love, friends, or maybe even just searching for things, material things that we think will make us happy, out shopping, time at the mall buying for the sake of buying, keeping the shop owners happy but not ourselves! The purchase gives us the relief; the happiness for a split second in time but once the purchase has been made the thing in the fancy bag is just another thing, another possession to join the many others in our house, closed away in a closet or drawer, maybe not even to see the light of day again; but why?

Why don’t we just stop for a second and take a look around us, look now…Go on,…take a second out of your day and connect with your life…. First of all close your eyes and just breathe, can you feel the air enter your nose, how does it feel? Can you feel the air enter your throat, enter your lungs? How does it feel, is the air warm or cold? Feel the air expand your lungs, can you feel your chest rising, hold the breath at the end of the inhale for a second or two, how and what do you feel? Slowly exhale through your mouth, can you feel the air rushing from your lungs up through your throat and out of your mouth, past your lips, does the air feel warm or cold, is it wet or dry?

What can you smell? Allow your senses to work, keep your eyes closed and smell, can you smell your home, the fragrant air, maybe the smell of a child or pet, how about the smell of cooking or flowers in a vase, take your time and enjoy the sweet smells of your day.

What can you hear? keep your eyes closed and turn your focus inward to your ears, what can you hear, is it raining?, Can you hear raindrops on the windows, dripping from a gutter or maybe a drip from a leaky tap (Faucet), are you using aircon, can you hear the motor, the blades spinning, can you hear birds singing in your garden, children playing, is the radio or TV on what do you hear?

Can you feel and sense your body? Turn your focus inward to your body, can you feel your skin, what does it feel like, is it warm or cool, can you feel the blood circulating into your fingers and toes, do you feel the tingle in the tips of your fingers? Can you feel your heart pumping your life blood around your body,…. focus, focus, focus, feel it?

Now slowly open your eyes and look, really look, what do you see? Take note of the fine detail, the colour of your child’s eyes, the mixture of colours, the colour of their hair, the subtle differences of the shadows on their skin, your pet, what are they doing? Do you have flowers in your room, what are their colours, are they blooming or still in bud, do they need water? Take a look outside, what colour is the sky?, is it daytime or night time, can you see the sun or the moon or are there stars in the sky?

Our world, our life…take a second everyday to appreciate what’s around us, what we already have in our lives and be grateful because there are so many brothers and sisters out there in our world that have far less than we have!

Namaste with Love

8 comments on “Enjoy this Moment, This Moment is Your Life!

  • This reminds me of something Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote in “Anne of Avonlea”: “I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.” Have a beautiful Sunday! I am certainly going to spend it watching the flowers grow and the birds fly šŸ™‚

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