Why Oh Why Are We Allowing This To Happen?

Published 17/03/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

Our natural world, our forests, our oceans and our wildlife is disappearing fast, all in the name of consumerism, we the consumers are allowing these corporations to destroy our would, our children or their children will not have the privilege to know what wildlife is, they will not know what a rain forest is, they will not know what a Rhino, a tiger or an Elephant is! These beautiful creatures like the Dodo will be forgotten forever and placed in some sort of electronic history book…. a picture of time gone by…another beautiful animal lost forever!

Its a sad, sad world we live in, that we allow ourselves to look at images or video’s like this and do nothing!

Tears are in my eyes

Namaste with Love to all living things

9 comments on “Why Oh Why Are We Allowing This To Happen?

  • Insanity, yes whilst the power mongers jest lewk the other way for a few dollars more huh, such as life, totally sucks for the livin’ creatures of all the forests! so agreed mark……wunder if mankind will be able to stop them or save the planet really i do 😦 such a bummer and drag whats happening werldwide,, many blessing mark & take care . Q

  • It is so incredibly sad! It breaks my heart! And I feel so angry as well! Why do we go to war in the name of God, Religion and Holy buildings, but we are not willing to fight for God’s own creation!! Senseless! We must sustain what God has created, that must be the highest kind of worship! But sadly it seems that for many people they prefer worshiping man-made things. So sad and stupid! This is the one thing that can make me little bit angry, something I am normally not. It makes me think of the time when Jesus came to the temple and got angry because it had turned into a market place. Well, now the natural world, our true temple, has been turned into an entire market place, and we must react!

    • Nicely put Line. In order to be heard we as guardians of our planet, and I mean all of us, need to speak out and bring about change, many have tried and failed but also many have tried and succeeded. Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Dr Martin Luther King, William Wilberforce to name but a few were all faced with huge up hill battles but they made it their life’s work to make a difference.
      Namaste Line

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