A Meditation to Transform Your Ego

Published 04/04/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Meditation to Transform Ego:

Sit in Easy Pose, with a light Neck Lock. Keep your spine straight and your chest slightly lifted. With your elbows at the base of your ribs, raise your hands to sternum level. The palms face each other. Curl your fingers into a loose fist. Your thumbs point straight up.The top segment of your thumbs touch their inner edges. The rest of your hands stay separated. Bring your concentration to the breath. Create a steady breath rhythm with the following ratio and pathway: Inhale through the nose slowly for about 8 seconds. Hold in the breath for about 8 seconds. Release the breath through the nose in 8 equal strokes. Hold the breath out for 8 seconds. Once this pattern is set, you can gradually increase the time from 8 seconds to as long as you like. (to count 8 seconds or strokes you can say Sa-Ta-Na-Ma to yourself twice). If you increase the time, keep the time equal in each section of this technqiue.
Begin this practice gradually. Start with 3 minutes. Increase the time to 31 min. by adding 3-5 minutes per week of practice.

To End:

Inhale deeply, stretch your arms up over the head, and open and close your fists several times. Relax the breath and arms and meditate for one minute before resuming normal activity.


Most people consider ego a perjorative term, but it indicates how we self-identify. Do we see ourselves as limited or unlimited? Creative or clunky? Powerful or pensive? Success in all arenas of life begins by defining ourselves not by how we think we’ve been, but by what we aspire to. This is the definition of positive ego. Project for the future through your actions and integrity. Let your presence be your calling card. Let your presence be proof of concept, consistent with what you can deliver. When our identity is Infinity we are unlimited. This Meditation features the number 8 which stands for Infinity (form and formless in an eternal dance). When we hold the breath in and out we are creating a neutral space for Infinity to flow into. Our fears and our fluctuations subside and we simply are that we are with no end and no beginning. In this Meditation the thumbs relate to the ego which is our fixed self. In some energetic models the thumbs also relate to ether which is our aspect not bound by biology or the laws of physics. Give yourself a thumbs up for permission to be new and be you! Turn ego into liberated Energy to help you GO for it.

A big thank you to my friend Charmaine Ananda for this post.

Namaste with Love

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