Decisions, decisions,…What am I to do?…Please Help!

Published 15/04/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Our lives are constantly littered with times when we have to make important decisions, some are easy to make and some cause us heartache and pain, some we just never make as we procrastinate over the thought process far too much.

I know as I am no different to anyone else, I too sometimes find it very hard to make a decision because I often over complicate the process by having too may reasons why or why not to do something!

We all know that to be in a job or career you love is one of the best things you can do for your life, for your happiness and your wellbeing, we all know that to have a healthy well balanced life with exercise, good balanced healthy food and time out in nature is also good for our lives but when it comes down to it our decisions to do the right thing for us and our life is muddled and confused by the worry and concerns about finance, income, paying our way and this worry then clouds our other decisions about our daily and future happiness!

Many people have made these often very difficult decisions, they have walked away from their boring corporate job, they moved to the coast or to the countryside, started their own small business, set-up an art studio, established a yoga center or doing good work for a NGO or charitable trust, caring for nature or whatever it is that they do…they made the change and the majority of these people never look back; they are as the saying goes ‘In their Element’, living their dream, enjoying life to the full, makings ends meat with a smile on their face and a spring in their step!!!


So why is it that the majority of us never make this change? We never risk it and move on to what our heart is telling us to do!…Why, oh Why!


Letting go of the past to gain access to the now and to move forward into a new life, this is a dream for the majority but a reality for the few. I myself have lived a life of success, I have had all the worldly goods I could possibly need, I have had the opportunity to travel and see the world, I have a beautiful family and a good career but am I happy? Am I living the life I’m destined to live, am I at peace with myself and doing what my heart is telling me to do? These are often questions we raise, ‘How will I let go’? ‘How can I give up this job’?, ‘How can I make ends meet’? ‘What about the children’?, ‘What about the future’?

The answer from many that have made the decision and are now living their dreams are often simple…’Just let go’!… ‘Be positive’, ‘Be grateful’, ‘Be happy’ and karma will do the rest, Your inner-self will not let you down! ‘Listen to your heart’! ‘Go with the flow’, ‘It will all be ok! You will find a way, you will live your dream and you will be happy!

Easier said than done?


I would like to finish this post on a positive note because I’m aware that the sentences above are looking a little negative and of course I do truly believe that if you are positive then positive things come back to you and if you have passion for something then passion will help you make it happen, I also firmly believe in the laws of attraction, surrounding yourself with positive people and doing what you love in your live is the best therapy in the world; so, my dear friends, I would love to hear your thoughts, ‘What you have done to make the transitions in your life, how you believe happiness in your daily life can be found and what our friends out there can do to make these often very difficult decisions!

Namaste with Love

8 comments on “Decisions, decisions,…What am I to do?…Please Help!

  • Letting go of the past is not going to help, unless we let go of absolutely everything. It happened to me after two years of relentless and extremely painful search, of asking what is true in this world. Every belief, idea, concept, intellectualising about the meaning of Life – were destroyed in one big sweep. And then the Gate opened.

    Since then… all that’s left is the Being. No worry, fear, thinking, want. I don’t feel compelled to love or to hate, to prove or to chase anything…

    I wouldn’t swap this for anything in the world. My only advice to anyone… ask yourself what is true, and keep asking until your mind bleeds… it will open up, the blindfold will fall off. You will see the world as you never knew before, without the makeup. Beyond that lies true Freedom.

    And oh.. get VERY INTIMATE with Death. It has the answer to all your questions.

    • Thanks for your feedback, yes I agree, letting go of everything is the ultimate way to realise who you really are, where you are and where you should be, for most this is a life times journey and one in which most never arrive at.

      Good luck on your journey my friend

  • Decisions, decisions …
    At school Physics and Art were my top subjects I wanted to become a designer or an architect but the Matriarchs of the family had other ideas and with no father to follow and a weak Spirit at the time I ran away to become an Engineer. I married, had two children but then pathways which had seemed idyllic parted and so did we and with 9 career changes and now 14 changes of home I am as happy as Larry! Never had much money but enough to get by on and the pension suffices now for all I need.
    As the Soul entered at the start and took its back seat as the silent witness, the Spirit has at last found its strength. Not surprising really with all that experience behind it eh? Nothing special involved just following what seemed to be the right path at the time gaining as much experience rather than remuneration on the way. Simple really! Nothing to get het up about! Love, David

  • Oh Mark,
    I believe the question is both simply and oh so very complex.

    I know people who find the release from the everyday hassles to be so very easy – they recommend the law of attraction, creating a positive attitide for change, being happy with the smaller things in life – you already know the plus side to a life of harmony 🙂

    Yet there are also those who are mired in the quicksands of modern existence. Their very existence is “controlled” by external forces which chain them to their “unenlightened state”.

    Then there are those who are n the middle of this – neither chained to the quagmire but not yet having achieved that place of full acceptance – acceptance of who and what they are, their circumstances and their unfulfilled dreams.

    I cannot say we have achieved that beautiful place of total inner joy and acceptance, are fully allowing the law of attraction to work for us or always in a state of gratitude for all we have. (I use ‘we’ as my other half and I are so closelu in tune that it is as though we both are in perfect harmony – a true blessing).

    I think, that there are many who are possibly afraid to admit thay haven’t achieved that “new age – spiritual” state of being you descibe, but I believe in being himest with myself, I am a work in progress and I have good days and not so good.

    My online friends, such as yourself 🙂 give me the support and encouragement to persevere and believe it is possible. Externally to my workdpress family,” friends are flowers in the garden of life” yet I am living in a desert :0 🙂 I don’t doubt that if I was mobile and could get to – well there appears to be nowhere to go here – then perhaps that like minded support would help.
    A long answer my friend – I hope it is alright.
    Susan xx

    • My dear friend Susan, when i read your words, I see sparkles of energy, they spring up from your words like children playing in the sun, your words bring me joy, they bring me positivity and they bring me hope, hope that we can together make a difference, one step at a time, one day at a time and help others from our experiences so that we may be able to shorten our friends journey to enlightenment even if it is by one day 🙂

      Take care my friend, smile, take joy from your day and live your life to the full 🙂
      Namaste with Love

  • Well, I have never found decisions to be hard to make, in fact I think I have never really made a proper decision at least not consciously, I have to follow my heart, there is for me no otherwise, it just is, and has always been like that. I live as a freelance writer, I am living my dream, but I don’t have much money, in fact I have very little, but I don;t have children, so that makes it different. I think for me I have always known that if I choose this path finances will be tight, but it is what it is. I could not do it any different. I think it changes when you have children. Isn’t there any way you can make a compromise? I mean maybe work a little less so that you can have little more time for your passions? Or maybe change to a job that pays okay, but is a little more closer to what you really want to do with your life? When I lived in Norway I created my own job, I worked with children and teenagers, and I just asked the government if they could pay me a salary if I made these projects of mine happen, and they said yes! 🙂 There are so many possibilities where we can both earn a living and live our dream!! 🙂 Make a compromise between your heart that speaks of your soul-dreams and your head that talks to you about money and responsibilities.:-) You can do it Mark! I believe in you!! 🙂

    • Hi Line,

      🙂 I guess my post was not really about me but more for a awakening post for many of my followers who are stuck in the rut 🙂 Yes part of it is about me and I do need to make a decision for the ‘rest of my natural life on this earth’ and move forward into a full time spiritual role, i’m currently in a state of ‘watch this space’ as to how this turns out but I have no doubt it will turn out for the best, i will be happier and I will be doing what my spiritual calling is guiding me to do on a full time life basis for the benefit of humanity and mother earth 🙂
      Thank you Line my dear friend, thank you for your words of counsel and wisdom 🙂
      Namaste with Love

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