Spiritual Burn Out

Published 18/04/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Have you ever experienced ‘Spiritual Burn Out’ a time or times when you feel exhausted by doing good for others, or a time / times when you have taken all the burdens of others onto your shoulders and not managed to shake them off?

I know I have!

Everyday, I spend my time in the pursuit of doing good, trying to make a difference to our world one step at a time, its either thinking of what to post on my blog today, what articles or subjects will be useful and helpful for my readers, what words should I use to help people gain control over a personal challenge, what words to use to help console someone who’s life is hurting, what words to use for someone who’s grieving for the loose of a friend or loved one, what words to use for someone who has been the subject of physical or mental abuse, what words to use to inspire someone, what words to use to help someone who is in the depths of depression, what good can I do today, what can I do in the way of a workshop for people in my community on mindfulness or meditation. How can I help local students cope with the stresses of working so hard on their studies (In China this can be 14-16 hours a day 7 days a week), how can I use my skills and gifts from god to help others less fortunate than myself, what can I do to help educate about the need to preserve nature for the next generation…..
…..’How can I, What can I…..

Each day, I go through this routine and some days I just cannot think, my mind is too full, so what can I do?

I meditate

I reach inside my soul and connect with my heart, I drop all ties to all emotions, I recognise my ego and let it and its powerful thoughts pass me bye and I relax my body and allow my heart to connect with my inner soul, its from this place I gain my strength, its here that the clarity comes through,its here that provides me with the fuel to carry on my work, its here that I am in touch with my higher self, spirit, god and my guides.

While I’m here I always give thanks, thanks for all I have in my life, thanks for my opportunity to do good, to help others less fortunate than I , thanks for now, thanks for what is to come and I ask for support and help along my continued journey to wherever this life will take me.

The amazing thing is, when I take this meditative time out, the fog lifts and I gain a clear vision of where I need to go, what I need to do and the law of attraction provides for me in repayment for my gratitude.

Today is Good Friday the crucifixion of Jesus Christ who gave his life for humanity out of LOVE.


In order to give our LOVE to others we need to give something up, to sacrifice something, even if that something is our time.

Namaste with Love my friends


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