Conquering Our Fears

Published 22/04/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


A perfect and simple image to go along with the last few posts I made on ‘Fear’.

Fear holds us back…End of Story!

And we all succumb to it one time or another in our lives!

This is not just fear of doing something hazardous or dangerous, its not the fear of violence or the fear that we may experience when confronted by a dangerous animal, its the ‘Fear of Uncertainty’, the ‘Fear of Failure’, the ‘Fear of Loosing Face’, the ‘Fear of not being good enough’, the ‘Fear of rejection’, the ‘Fear of humiliation’

If you want to move forward with your life you need to confront your fears and become their master.

Life is good my friends and it can be good to you too if you learn to conquer your fears šŸ™‚

Namaste with Love

7 comments on “Conquering Our Fears

        • Hi Fred, Guided meditations are certainly a good way to start and there are many available of Youtube and via the internet. I guess it depends on where you most need help, is it for stress, pain, anxiety, depression, recalling information from happy past experiences, relationships, events etc, or is it more to do with your own peace of mind etc.
          I use a variety of meditations for myself, my family and my clients.

          Good luck with your journey inside, go with the flow, connect with your heart and allow it to connect back to your mind and the heart will take control given time and patience.
          Namaste my friend

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