What Does Giving Give You In Return?

Published 25/04/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

Many of you may have already seen this short Thai video but as I watched it again it still brings tears of joy to my eyes and although its a very cleaver advertising commercial it still has a very profound message, a message we can all learn from.

Giving freely gives us far more in return!

Look at the joy, the happiness, the body language and the compassion in the eyes of the young man, and the loving smiles and gestures of gratitude of recipients towards his good natured acts selflessness and kindness.

Kindness costs you nothing, often just a smile is all it takes to lift someones day, a helping hand, some simple food, a hug can bring so much joy to all concerned.

Have a fantastic weekend my friends

Hold our your hands and give from your heart.

Namaste with Love

11 comments on “What Does Giving Give You In Return?

  • Yes, a truly beautiful video Mark which made me cry also. Strange that tears of joy can be so heart wrenching. The gentle spirit and kindness of one man could touch so many lives. It was a wonderful reminder how random acts of kindness can mean so much.
    Thank you for sharing this today 😊
    Blessings. Susan ❤

  • Oh, how lovely and heart-warming and wonderful!! I had not seen this video before and I just love it!! I live by this always! And like that young man I feel that giving is it’s own reward, for what we give away, is ours forever, but what we hold back is lost forever, and when we give Love, that Love becomes apart of us forever, even beyond this life. 🙂 I also live by these words: Everything is worth more when you give it away. Thank you for showing me this touching video, like you, I felt tears in my eyes 🙂

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