Meditation and Mindfulness, a Journey to My Soul

Published 09/05/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


I sit
I close my eyes
I relax
I concentrate on my breath and calm my mind

In and out
In and out
In and out
Deeper and deeper I go, ever closer to my soul

Thoughts enter my mind
Problems at work, problems at home, my past, my future
My life in thoughts, my ego at work, holding me back from the ‘Now’
Back to my breath, In and Out, In and Out

Thank you thought, I don’t need you now
Off they go disappearing forever, forgotten already and on I go
Back to my breath, in and, out, in and out,
Closer to my soul, one breath at a time

Heart beating slowly, in rhythm with my breath
Oxygen filling my body from limb to limb and cell to cell
Channeling my mind and focus on my skin
Perspiration on my brow, a cool sensation, calm and free

I see a pathway leading down, down and down it goes
I follow with joy as the adventure unfolds
My teenage years and childhood lie before me
Innocence to life, a happy place to be

I stay awhile and dream
I play amongst the trees, smell the sweetness of the flowers and watch the bees
I bathe my feet in the coolness of the stream and watch the birds fly by on wings up high
My journey nears its end

Time to return, to reality as is
My breath takes me back, In and Out, In and Out
Upwards I go with every step on the pathway from my soul
Returning again to life, my life
My meditation ends

Namaste with Love

12 comments on “Meditation and Mindfulness, a Journey to My Soul

  • A beautiful reminder Mark, that meditation can be as simple as a breath. I really loved this reminder in my hectic days at present. I know I can find time to reach my centre once more with this. Thank you.
    Blessings. Susan ❤

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