Reflecting on My Life In a State of Mindful Awareness

Published 15/05/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Reflecting On My Life

How often do you take the time to just sit, relax, calm your mind and reflect on your life?

If you are like me; then you will take some time each day to sit, to meditate and to spend some quality time on yourself in a state of mindful awareness. Awareness of who you are, and what your life is like at that given moment in time. This level of mindful awareness is good for you because it allows you to check in with your inner self, to give yourself a body scan using your awareness to check up on your body, to see how its feeling and allow your body the time to speak to your heart. When your mind, body and soul are in synch with each other then you are; as the saying goes ‘Firing on all cylinders’, You will be feeling at your very best, and you will be able to use your intuition to its best and your awareness of yourself will be heightened.


Giving your body a body scan.

The purpose of the body scan process is for you to become aware of what you are experiencing at that very moment, to step out of your daily routines and the confinement of what we call ‘Time’ to relax our minds and come into awareness of that very ‘Moment’, the ‘Now’, the ‘Present’ and for you to rest with an open mind whilst keeping in mind your awareness of what you are experiencing in each and every moment, even when difficult emotions, sensations or thoughts arise. In fact it is very important that we do welcome these feelings, thoughts and emotions and recognize them for what they are, and maybe even label them as ‘Thoughts’, ‘Noise, Warmth’ etc; and then gently bring back our awareness to our breath. With each practice session you will become more aware of your innerself, and the thoughts coming into your mind may start to lessen as you continue to calm your mind. Don’t try to label every though with a different label though; simply label it as a ‘Thought, or ‘Thinking’ and comeback to your breath and rest in the non-reactive, soft hearted and open minded mode within yourself, remembering this is quality time for you and your body, so relax and enjoy.

Here are two body scan videos which may help you go through the guided body scan mindfulness meditations

Namaste With Love

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