Before We Became Civilized Men….!

Published 18/06/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

civilized men


What ever happened to our so called civilized society?

Greed has taken over and so called politics and laws have made things worse; so much so that our countries are at battle with each other for natural resources.

It’s about time we sat back and thought up a new way of life, life for all humans to live in harmony with mother nature for the good of our world and for our future generations to come!


Namaste with Love



5 comments on “Before We Became Civilized Men….!

  • It’s a brilliant message in the picture. At university I have learn about Thomas Hobbes’ describing the native americans as savages. I always believed them to be a peaceful people

    • Well, if you were run off your land, your women raped and your children killed I guess you would become ‘savage’! I think personally they would have been peaceful until backed right into a corner.
      Lets hope we can come together as one form called ‘Humanity’ and live together as god intended us to!

      • So true. I knew that they had suffered but not to that extent. For a people who have occupied that area for thousands of years it would have been extremely difficult to take. I had a similar conversation just yesterday with one of my colleagues from Bosnia. Her family has suffered greatly at the hands of the Milosevic regime. I really cannot imagine how I would take it if I was subjected to the same atrocities as her. It is beyond my thinking

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