Buddhist Tours to Bhutan

Published 19/06/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know if any of you are interested or in fact have the time, but i’m organizing small Bhuddist tour groups to go to Bhutan in the Himalaya’s, I have a Bhutanese friend partnering with me in Bhutan to make all the internal travel arrangements. We are currently organizing a 7 night 8 day tour which includes flights to Bhutan and back to Bangkok Thailand, all transportation in Bhutan, an English speaking tour guide, hotels, meals, Visa’s, country taxes all trips to natural places of beauty, temples, markets and the famous Taktshang (Tigers Nest)  which is perched on the side of a mountain ( see photos below) a Buddhist Monk as tour guide at each temple, meditation sessions with the monks and at least one meditation and prayers session with a Buddhist Lama at the Taktshang Temple. I will be going there myself in September along with a small group of Chinese Buddhists.

If you are interested, please let me know and I will give you the details and prices, Bhutan is one of the happiest places on earth and so far unspoiled by mankind.

Namaste with Love

IMG_3158 IMG_3123 IMG_3120 IMG_3131 IMG_3141 IMG_3176  IMG_3177 IMG_3146 IMG_3143 IMG_3137 IMG_3157

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