Freedom, such a small word, but what does it mean to you?

Published 20/06/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


What constitutes freedom in one country may be far different to that in another.

Am I free?……Am I Really Free?

In many countries, freedom of speech is not even thought of because you can most often do and say what you like, its your right to get up on your pedestal and speak your mind, you can talk freely about politics, government, the monarchy in some countries, human rights…all without a worry regarding repercussion.

But in some countries, freedom means so much more, the simple freedom to be able to go outside without the fear of being killed by militia or other warring factions, the freedom to be able to draw water and drink it freely without the thought of catching a disease or suffering from severe dysentery. The freedom to speak out against the rules of the land, to stand up for your basic human rights, the freedom to pray to your god without the fear of persecution, the freedom to have a choice to eat or not eat today, the freedom to choose your own partner and not be forced into a marriage of convenience or by family arrangement, the freedom to be gay and marry if you want to, the freedom to travel across borders and be with your loved ones once again, the freedom to feel comfortable in your own color of skin, the freedom to receive education even if you are a girl, the freedom to go outside without the fear of being raped because you are a girl, freedom to access the internet free of restrictions, the freedom to earn the same as your male colleagues, the freedom to dress as you like, the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief.

So what does freedom really mean to you and can you help others around the world that are far less fortunate than you?
I live and work in a country where freedom of speech is controlled, where access to the wonderful rich world of the internet is restricted and controlled, where human rights are not so important, where freedom of religion is controlled, where the rich get richer at the expense of the poor, where food is tainted by chemicals and the chance of repercussions for speaking out are high…but am I free? Yes I’m free, at least I have a choice, I can find a way, I will speak out in the hope that one day we will come together as one world, one world working together as free spirits for the good of mankind.

Namaste with Love

4 comments on “Freedom, such a small word, but what does it mean to you?

  • I too have been to India and asked to see it as it is back in 1997. Maybe it is the media but now in 2014 I seem to see more outrageous behaviour against women than before. In replying to Line I ask that her god give her the courage, strength and freedom to carry on her work and to us Mark when the rest of the world thinks and believes in freedom as we do then the world truly will be free God grant that it be in my lifetime. Love to you both David

  • I love this post Mark! And I can so relate to it since I am living in India. Here as well, a lot of those freedoms we in the west take for granted are robbed from you. Especially if you are a girl. As a girl you have no saying in anything. you are your father’s property until you marry, then you are your husband’s property and he can do to you what he likes. You don’t get to inherit, you sometimes don’t even get to carry a family name, when you are married you have to dedicate your life to you parents in-law taking care of them and obeying them. You don’t have a saying in who you marry, and sometimes you don’t even get to see him until the wedding day. You cannot go out alone because horrible crimes are being done to women every day, and most of the time you don’t get access to your own money. Sometimes I feel, being born a woman here, is being born a slave. Of course, it is not like this for all women, but still the majority of people here are still poor or lower middle class, and here, the woman has no saying. It is sad. And the saddest part is that it is often women themselves who are responsible, mothers put their daughters down and make them into good wives, mother in-laws take full advantage of their daughters in-law and treat them like servants. It is so sad Mark. India wants to claim in the media that they are becoming so rich and modern, but for me, living here, I cannot see that, not at all. I try to help these girls, but being an outsider it is difficult. I try though, most of the time, by just being a role model.

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