A Simple Question?

Published 28/06/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


I pose a very simple question to all readers of this blog and to all your followers too.

If all religions team peace, then why can’t all religions achieve peace?

Is it not time for us to put our differences aside and come together just as our religions say deep within their ancient texts, and live as one in PEACE!

Food for thought my friends

Namaste with Love

7 comments on “A Simple Question?

  • Hi Mark, honestly I think its the EGO, the ego of the mind wanting THEIR way to be the right way, their “church”, their “title” and wanting to get “their” credit when it goes right. If the human-being could just turn off the EGO and put true PEACE without any attachment of the EGO mind, then…. maybe we just might have it. I spent many years visiting many different churches when I was young and it seemed that the one thing they had in common was teaching that their way was the ONLY way to find God…… My church is now the Earth or temple of nature, nature only smiles back at me and says…. look how simple it is…. I made this for you, I love you 🙂 is it not peaceful here, and it’s free, and it’s for everyone. Namaste

    • Deb, I agree with you 100%, we don’t need churches or temples to be thankful and grateful, we don’t need to be told what and who we should believe in, its our choice, everyones choice, that’s how it should be. When I look into the eyes of a child or the eyes of an animal, all i see is unconditional love, no chains, no pressure, no obligations, just love 🙂
      Namaste my friend, with Love

  • hello Mark,
    This is indeed a wonderful question! There is so attachment and imperialism within each strand of religion, that delusions of power creep in. The gods once walked among us when our divine spark was a bright flame and our karmic debts were small. I believe we can go beyond all religious frameworks and dualities though and I’m working to create such a community at the moment, which I’ll let you know about if I may. I really believe we can all be one faith in one heart again one day like we were in the Golden Age!

    This is a short article on the very subject which is part of a larger series.
    with love
    in gassho

  • Reblogged this on Hickersonia and commented:
    I have occasionally pondered this sort of question — why religious people cannot make peace amongst each other (or themselves) — and I always come back to a fundamental teaching of the Buddha: attachment to views. If one is convinced that his views are right and all others must be wrong, than one can eventually be persuaded to offend, hurt, and ultimately kill those who hold strongly to opposing views.

    I don’t know for sure whether other religions preach non-attachment to views… so I’m not sure how other religious teachers really work with this sort of thing. I only know that I have learned to live with the fact that others aren’t going to share my views, and quite frankly, life is made very interesting by the interactions that come about as a result of others’ views.

    May we each learn to live in peace with those who live their lives by different creeds, on different paths, and with different views. Please be well!

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