My Life Has Been Touched By Some Wonderful People

Published 03/07/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


I’m so thankful and grateful for all I have in my life and all the people who have been there for me along the way, I’m also so looking forward to all the wonderful people who have not yet come into my life, it’s exciting wondering who they will be, what they will be like and how they will effect my life moving forward 🙂

How about you, who are you thankful and grateful for in your life and what are looking forward to moving forward with your life?

Namaste with Love

8 comments on “My Life Has Been Touched By Some Wonderful People

  • I am thankful for every soul that has passed into and out of my life, they have helped me be who I am, even those who have made me sad, have helped me learn how not to be 🙂

    have a happy!!!

  • Mark I am very grateful for all those who have crossed my path, for better or for worse, each one came for a reason… So good to have so many here within the WP community who embrace Gratitude…

    Thank you..
    Sue xox

  • Indeed Mark grateful am I to all those who at the time seemed to be my tormentors and also to those who were and are my angels and guides. Looking forward so much to the future ones who will walk beside me. Love David

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