Did You Achieve Superhero Status or Become a Princess?

Published 10/07/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

What would they think

What would the child you once were think about the adult you have become?

Wow, what a powerful and interesting question!

I have a real problem recalling my early childhood, I guess something major happened to me before the age of five, I often get small flash backs but the majority of my early childhood is hidden in a dark memory bank somewhere in my brain; but I hazard a guess as to what my childhood was like way back then and I think I would have been loving superhero’s, people like Superman who was trying to save the world and do good for everyone and Batman who was trying to rid the world of bad people, gangsters, cheats and scoundrels 🙂


I remember going to church with my family so I know I understood religion and what God meant in the life of my family, especially for my mum. I was taught to respect others, to have manners, be polite and say ‘please and thank you’, to respect my parents, grandparents and never look down on anyone. I think that I have tried to instill these same traits to my four children, each of which I’m extremely proud and each of which is forging their own life for themselves in this world in their own happy, contented and respectful way. So I think I have done ok with my life thus far, yes I have made mistakes along the way, for the first 39 years of my life I wasted too much valuable time seeking riches, power in the form of a strong business, building my empire, buying things we just didn’t need, wasting money on extravagant holidays and living the life of luxury. Was it wrong at the time? No! It was part of my life’s journey, and brought me to where I am today, I now lead a very different life, yes, I’m still in business but money does not drive me anymore, my family is settled and happy, my focus is giving back, doing good for people around me, caring about our planet, our environment and the humanity in general. My life’s path is clear to me and i’m following my own Superhero journey, one in which I save our planet from destruction and help anyone who is less fortunate than I.

I do believe the child I once was would be proud of me now because I saw the light and I acted upon my instincts and trusted my inner child to drive me forward and to do good whenever I can 🙂

How about you?

I would love to hear your story and your thoughts on what your younger self would think of you now!

Namaste with Love

11 comments on “Did You Achieve Superhero Status or Become a Princess?

  • well, i think we need to live the first 40 to learn to live the rest of the 40+ years, why….. I don’t know, life lessons need to be learned I guess, appreciation needs to be built, experiences need to be experienced. We often say, “if I knew back then what I knew now, I’d go back and change” but given the choice, I would not… because then I would not be where I am today ( Happy in my own skin) as tragic and as selfish as some of the choices and experiences that we lived in the past, they did create the person we are today… so. ya for the past ( I’m glad it’s in the past and I have NO attachment to it) and YAYAYAY for the future, cause now I get it 🙂 God, help me be the best that I can be, 🙂 Peace, Love and JOY to you and yours 🙂 have a happy

  • Thank you Mark! This post was so timely! I am struggling in my life direction right now, am at that point…money and career or family and a lifestyle to be proud of…struggling to find my passion and how then to relate it to a job and an income. But you remind me that at the end of the day I have to look myself in the mirror and ask…am I who I am meant to be, have I fulfilled my purpose, have I given of myself to my family and kids.
    It’s hard to let go and stop stressing over the detail…$$$ control our lives. But I know I need to listen to that still small voice inside.
    Thank you for reminding me Mark.

    Namaste. Love and light always.

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