I Want You ‘My Precious’, I Want You, I Need You, I MUST Have You!

Published 17/07/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

“As long as there is wanting in you,
especially for someone or something to make you feel happy;
paradoxically, this is a sure way to make yourself feel miserable!”

You WANT and NEED something so bad that it hurts, this WANT drives you to distraction, you can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t concentrate because this want controls your very being.

This WANT is the major problem with our world today, the WANT to achieve greatness, more power, more money, more land, more property, more, more, more of everything!
So, as long as you keep on WANTING this ‘Something’ you will never really be available for anything else because the WANT controls your very being. So, every time you try to do anything else or talk to anyone else your mind will only be focusing on satisfying your desire to get that ‘Something’. Unfortunately, there can never be any joy in getting that ‘Something’, you certainly feel that by getting that ‘Something’ it will bring you happiness, but I can assure you that there is no joy and happiness in that ‘Something’! As long as you have this desire, you are being tormented by that desire because if you do not get that ‘Something’ then you will be constantly living in a state of anxiety, stress and misery and all your energy will be targeted by your ego in order to fulfill that desire! So, if was able to give you that ‘Something’, the very object that you desire, you would for a short time feel wonderful and happy but the ‘Something’ did not bring you that pleasure. ‘There is no happiness in that ‘Something’ because your desires are molesting you, troubling you, tainting and controlling your mind, so when you actually get that ‘Something’ this agitation stops and it is the relief from this agitation that you interpret as the joy and happiness you are experiencing, this happiness is what we put down to the ‘Something’ but it is not true.

You only need to look at a shopaholic as an example, they are driven to buy, buy, buy and the stores and online companies know this, they use tools like ‘Black Friday’, ‘One Time Specials’, For a Limited Few Only and celebrities as spokespersons as tactics to get you hooked, they; in short manipulate your mind into thinking these goods / ‘Something’ will bring you happiness thus you are then driven to do anything possible to achieve that level of happiness and for that very short moment in time ‘the actual purchase’, you are filled with joy, the endorphins rush through your body and your flushed with joy but as soon as you leave the store or the order is placed then the rush subsides because it’s the process that brings you the happiness not the ‘Something’ that you buy!

Please spend a few precious moments to calm your mind and watch this short video by Mooji on Want.

Namaste with Love

3 comments on “I Want You ‘My Precious’, I Want You, I Need You, I MUST Have You!

  • Reblogged this on Quarksire and commented:
    i didnt want no one to come make me happy it jest happened i found that person whom represented herself to live the mooji way only to find in the end 5 years laters that well all people are not what they say they are mark : as u know also. well i can’t fix insane or crazy or a liar or a thief so all there is to it i can’t forgive them either 😦 so i shall let god,,,,,,,, and go on with my life of not wanting jack chit again and jest being who i was before i met the blueangelwolf 🙂 for her to make a publik farce out of my spiritual life in the end 😦 Q namaste 2 u mark: think i’ll re-blog dis onbe since it is so apprapo! Q

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