Less is More!..And Happiness Comes From Within.

Published 07/08/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Most people would look at this picture and disagree because they cannot see any value in what the picture contains, but I see unconditional love and respect. And I thoroughly agree with the statement ‘The less you have the more you value it’.

We live in a material world when goods/products out value lives, when the throw away left overs from your meal cost more than these people on the streets have to survive on all month; and even more depending in which country they are from!

Human kindness takes a different turn when you have little, you see the goodness in the small things, you notice the sun shining, the warmness or the rain, the flowers blooming, the scent of freshly mown grass, and the genuine kindness and smiles of hope given to you by a passer by, in this image the man treasures his dog, his companion on his life journey and he will protect it and care for it unconditionally.

I look around me and see so many things, things i take for granted, things that make my life easier, computers, cell phones, printers, pens, paper, books, clothes, food, drinks, everything I could possibly want….but…., do they bring me happiness? No!…Happiness comes from within, I don’t need these things to make me happy and more of these things will not raise my levels of happiness, only I can do that. I often look and watch children playing, children with nothing, some of the poorest children around me, these children play on the streets with the simplest of toys that they pull together from scraps, pieces of string, the wheel of a cart, a box for them to sit in, but their smiles say it all, they live in the now, the swiftly fashioned toy takes them to somewhere else, and they live the dream. They don’t need more expensive toys to bring them happiness, because happiness is within!

Kids Playing in the Street

I wish we could all see these children play, to watch their joy, their simple lives not yet effected by the media, the sales promotions that create ‘Want and Desire’, If only we could learn that ‘Happiness comes from Within’



Namaste with Love My Friends



8 comments on “Less is More!..And Happiness Comes From Within.

  • Mark it is so great to meet you here as you came into my blog! Your posts are beauty FULL…yes to happiness within! Love Your niece especially and the simplicity for sure, I remember buying “things” for the kids when they were young and having them find the simple things like a pot to bang on or mud to play in in the back yard much more enjoyable…When I moved to the Hawaiian Islands 10 years ago without media as a daily dose,life is very simple. Heart to Heart Robyn

    • Simple is good, unfortunately the majority never experience this form of happiness, they strive throughout their lives to achieve happiness by looking outside,wanting more, buying more, never satisfied, more , more , more… when in fact the happiness is actually within!
      Namaste my friend

      • We have been given the task in this lifetime to BE the light that shines for the world…after we experienced so many lives of seeking. we have found this oneness, inside..Giving from this heart space of oneness there is no separation… all on the perfect journey… we give unconditional love…
        Heart to Heart Robyn with grtitude

  • Oh, Mark!! πŸ™‚ This is such a lovely and beautiful and inspirational post!! πŸ™‚ And I also love the super-cute photos of the little children πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Trini, the little poppet at the bottom enjoying the water is my niece here in China πŸ™‚ She is so funny, getting water on a brush and washing my shoes, a simple but enjoyable life πŸ™‚

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