#IAMPEACE Please Join The Global Meditation For Peace 8.8.14 12 Noon EST

Published 08/08/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends

I will join Deepak Chopra, India Arie, Gabrielle Bernstein and hopefully millions of other beautiful souls in a Global Meditation For Peace, this event will take place on the 8th August 2014 at 12 Noon EST so for me that is Midnight same day (approx 13 hours from now), I will be there to pledge my support in meditation and feel the positive peaceful energy that this mass global meditation will bring to our world.

Please go to http://globalmeditation.chopra.com to register, this will give you the specifics of the event, a countdown timer, a short video etc

Namaste with Love and Peace



10 comments on “#IAMPEACE Please Join The Global Meditation For Peace 8.8.14 12 Noon EST

  • I felt this calm peace in the middle of our (tropical storm/hurricane) in the Hawaiian islands, as we come together in inner stillness, we are BEING the answer..blessings Heart to Heart Robyn

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    Time to make a move and be the change….. imagine! I bope you will find it is in the best interest of our collective humanity to sbare in the mass peace meditation and send the peace and love the energy will be a powerul beautiful one changing our world in a positive y thank you…

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    Considering Ebola is raging out of control, The Ukraine continues to spar with Russia, Israel and Hamas show little interest in stopping their war, and now ISIS is running amok across Iraq, beheading those who are Yazidis, Christians or Shias – now would be a good time to meditate for Peace!

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