Naughty or Nice, Compassionate or Psychopath!

Published 19/09/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

Compassion, something that is always on my mind, am I compassionate enough, do I help people who are in need of my help and support, do I listen with Empathy (with the intent to really understand), do I go out of my way to do my best for the environment, for mother nature, for the people around me and for the long term good of our planet?

All good questions and ones in which I ask myself each and every day.

I came across this really interesting Nat Geo video re Compassion, it has some really cool observations, tests of compassion and pointers to watch out for in yourself and in others.

Please give it a few minutes of your busy day and think on the content…Are you compassionate?

Have a wonderful weekend full of love, happiness and compassion.

Namaste with Love

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