Corrupt Governments, The Rich Getting Richer, War for the sake of Greed, Starvation for Many

Published 24/10/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

lao tzu quote 600

Lao Tzu wrote this quote around 2,500 years ago and here we are in the year 2014 and we still allow humanity and our world to be controlled by the few. Corrupt governments, greedy politicians, corporate greed at the expense and exploitation of their workers, obscene amounts of waste, our natural resources raped and pillaged to fill the pockets of the elite, war raging around our world in the so called name of freedom, our oceans, rivers and fields laid to waste….When will we ever learn?

Namaste with Love

6 comments on “Corrupt Governments, The Rich Getting Richer, War for the sake of Greed, Starvation for Many

  • Brilliant quote ; I was in court trying to stop my children going to live with their drug using , violent extreme behaviour father. Rather than put support into my (our) house because of a disability all services thought it would be cheaper basically to pass my children off to a drug user , where one of my children followed him. From the age of 10 !!! N some judge had the nerve to use the opening sentence in court ” how is Ms feigherys mental health today ”
    System is not only a joke , it’s worse, it’s corrupt, it uses people especially children just like in jimmy savile cases of abuse and if you’ve got no money there’s absolutely nothing you can do to prove wrongs and injustices.

  • Mankind has failed at learning the lesson of history! Indeed, will we ever learn? It seems we will remain corrupt until the lesson of unconditional love is also learned. Love, David

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