Take What You Need and Leave Me a Smile

Published 03/11/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Some people say that living in the Now is impossible.
How can you possibly trust those who might harm you?
How can you survive without planning and toil?
How can you heal without first being schooled?
Fear of death,
Fear of want,
The fear of separation from your God.

To choose to trust allows the fullest expression of life.
To choose to serve creates the greatest abundance.
To choose compassion brings oneness and health.
Values found only in the Now
Banishing all fear.
The only rational response to life.

Being in the Now, forgiving all and being thankful for all
Bringing you closer to your God, your Spirit and your Life.

Namaste with Love

3 comments on “Take What You Need and Leave Me a Smile

  • We have been taught incorrectly that past, present and future are connected respectively.

    However, present has never bother with other two.

    We can exist only at the present at least our body.

    Others are created from mind and we cannot really exist in our mind.

    When we are directed by them, we are in pain.

    Your thought on this post is great. I will keep following your blog.

    Jade the Mystic

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