I’m Far Too Ugly for Selfies, But Should We Adopt a Selfie Approach to Spiritual and Humanitarian Blogging?

Published 26/11/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Hi Everyone,

I have noticed my lack of enthusiasm and procrastination regarding writing posts of late, I guess it is down to the fact that my number of followers does not seem to grow so much when I see some blogs or twitter accounts gaining thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousand of followers. The numbers of likes and retweets are huge and they gain lots of opportunity to promote themselves, their thoughts and their businesses easily but when I look at these sites and accounts I am so surprised as to the content, many seem to have nothing at all to offer, they lack in content, don’t offer any help or support to their followers and they are often very rude and in some cases obscene in their content. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not in this for fame or glory and my blog is about giving back, trying to help people who are maybe in need for some words and pictures that will help them in their time of need, offer some inspiration and a helping hand when they feel down or anxious.

So, what is it we need to do to make our sites more ‘Sexy’, to help us get our messages of good across to a wider audience, to actually start to do more good around the world, to bring about more attention to the state of our environment, to help fight disease, help the poor, bring an end to victimisation, child abuse, honor killings, bullying at school, the horrors of GMO, the poisoning of our oceans, global warming and not to forget help bring more awareness towards the real need to have peace on earth?

Maybe I need to go on a serious diet, to get down at the gym 7 days a week and build up my abs, some plastic surgery here and there is, a hair weave perhaps or is it that I really need to think about and position my messages in a very different way?

When I look at our world I get a tear in my eye, when i see the news and hear of abuse of our children, watch wars raging for the sake of greed or religion, see families loosing their homes because of the lack of jobs I wonder where is our world heading, what more can I do to help!…Many would say I think too much, I cannot heal everyone and everything…but for me, it’s hard, it’s really hard to switch off my compassion radar, I’m too deep in to do that now, I watch tv with my wife and I tear up when I see pollution, my heart takes a stabbing when i see brothers and sisters of humanity fighting and when I see the continuance of corporate greed and the manipulation of humanity by the media….I must do something, I must act, I must do my bit to help save our world from imploding from our own greed and lust for more, more money, more land, more things, more, more, more.

So, I’m open to offers, open to suggestion, what do I/We need to do to help promote compassion, love, peace and happiness to humanity, how do we help make a difference?

BTW, If you answers are…Plastic Surgery, Extensive Diet, Gym 7 days a week, a New Fancy Set Of Teeth etc, please consider sending me a large value cheque or bank transfer because otherwise, it, ain’t gonna happen 🙂

Love to you all, may you be blessed with love, happiness and peace

Namaste with Love



20 comments on “I’m Far Too Ugly for Selfies, But Should We Adopt a Selfie Approach to Spiritual and Humanitarian Blogging?

  • Just keep giving to one person at a time… If u awaken 1 person u are on the right track! I totally agree with u on every level of ur post, it is so crazy how the obsession of selfie and sex is at the forefront off most! So sad!

  • I would rather have one genuine “follower” who is inspired or otherwise touched in some way than to have a bunch of numbers without genuine purpose in them. And true beauty is in the soul . . . And you have that 🙂

  • Mark,
    Alethea’s comment is correct.
    I hurt too when I look at the world Mark, I sometimes let out a cry for the world and the state of humanity and the planet. I struggle with this because I want to help, protect and teach love – sanity. I struggle because I don’t have the ability to change the world, and coming to terms with the state of the world is a struggle for me. I realize there is nothing I can do, because there is something much larger at play and I cannot touch the majority, I’m only one person who lives where I live. I don’t partake in the insanity, I use my voice and awareness to address it when in a conversation that leads there. I use my beauty and kindness to touch strangers, some are receptive to my aura, and some strangers -like in your experience- react to my aura with jealousy or hostility, and that hurts too. But what more can I do. I hurt because like you I care for the well being of people, which then of course transpires to the well being of earth. Some have told me the answer is acceptance, hard for me to accept the unacceptable. To the point where I’ve manifested a reoccurring illness, now I pay the physical price by suffering, and seeing, and not having the tools to help the insanity of what’s popular, or help the dim to see.
    I’m in constant search for more answers, and like you have felt this my whole life.
    I’m sharing my pain in hopes to let you know that in my experience going down or attaching to that road has lead to my illness. There’s only so much that we can do, Mark, and you’re already doing it by having your blog. Thank goodness for you, because people like us need each other for support. And your blog gives that support.

    • My dear friend Fortress, your words are so comforting to me and I understand your pain. It is sad that we have to live in such pain in our movement to make this world a better place and it is sad for me to hear that you have been suffering this pain all your life. I will continue on my journey and with like minded, kind hearted, lovely souls like you, we will make a difference and we will enlighten more people along the way and one day in the future we will be able to say…We were part of that change, we stood proud and made a difference and our families will be free to enjoy their lives in the way in which we had dreamt of.
      Thank you my friend, thank you for being you, thank you for caring for our world, for humanity and for me.
      May you be blessed with love, happiness and peace.
      Namaste with Love

  • There is not much you can do about this. The social medium sites just thrive from input, but that input is usually of the eye candy sort or from you tubes. There is really very little on offer in the way of a traditional blog anymore. The art of blogging seems to be fading. Perhaps the very successful attempts by FB to manipulate people by offering countless quotes and naff photos is also to blame. But unless you are already a “name” – blogging is not going to get your message across. The only other suggestion i can offer is to create Google you tubes. People really enjoy those. Thanks for your post Eve

  • If folks cannot see your beauty then they are probably not going to read your blog anyway. I learnt long ago and advised another blogger recently who was thinking of giving up to stick with it since if you only manage to reach one person and bring your light to them your purpose is served. You have to admit that the majority of the audience out there are not ready to read us and our like minded friends. Maybe their time will come when they are in need of what we can offer but until that moment comes your unconditional love will serve where numbers have no importance and may seem to them like indifference and so be it. Some in our field make a lot of money publishing, offering workshops and on line courses and good for them. If that is not for you then good for you too, join the club my friend and above all be happy. Love, David. PS. If it’s of any help you make me happy! 🙂

    • I’m smiling from ear to ear my friend. Your words of wisdom and guidance are always on point, thank you for being there, thank you for following me and thank you for being you!
      You and all my dear friends make me happy too.
      Namaste with Love

  • Mark, you have a beautiful soul, which radiates through your physical being. If some people don’t see that, it’s because they are unable to see that frequency of light. Unfortunately most of the world is still vibrating on lower frequency levels, obsessed with sex and superficial values, that’s why a lot of those other blogs do so well. I have fewer than 400 followers on my spiritual blog, but that’s okay. I’m happy for that. As a writer, you’d think I’d be striving for more, but I refuse to debase myself to the point of attracting that audience obsessed with lower vibrational “values.” Namaste, Alethea

  • We develop the potential force within each of us…..and we unify through that force. The only control we have in the spiritual evolution of others is our own capacity for love.

  • Ok Mark – so clearly I need to share this and I am sorry I didn’t share it earlier. I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason and I will be forever grateful for having discovered your musings. On more than one occasion you have helped ensure I bring a different perspective to things surrounding me – you make me feel like you are always encouraging me to be best human being that I can. This week though you also helped inspire some amazing people that I am “working” with (in this instance working means we are all just giving our time and resource freely to try and bring awareness to this issue). You see as ordinary people we decided that we needed to draw Australian’s attention to the appalling way we are currently treating children who show up here seeking refuge. In counting down to our launch today, pushing such a massive amount of work out (think websites, media releases, audio news releases, even iTune songs) your post about rolling out the big guns gave me the nudge to push that bit deeper. I shared it with the 12 other people that I have been working on this with and it moved every single one of us. So why share this? Well I guess I just wanted to offer the following. Both your voice and your spirit are being clearly heard. I think that it’s not always the number of people that follow you that matters – what matters is how closely they listen and what they are subsequently inspired to do. thousands of idiots standing on one leg will never be as powerful as 300 people committed to living a better way of life. If you’d like to see more of what we did here in Australia check out WBTTAUS.org and know that you were a part of making this happen! Namaste my friend x

    • Tears of joy are in my eyes my friend, your beautiful words have inspired me to do even more, I also just visited your wbttaus.org web site and I’m with you my friend. If I can help with this cause in any way, please let me know.
      Thank you for perking up my day, for bringing reality back to me and for giving me the encouragement to move forward with a stronger voice and a more determined heart.
      Namaste with Love

  • I know it sounds cliche and maybe even a little pathetic, but I’ve come to sincerely believe that it is our feelings of compassion and concern for individuals, groups and our world, emanating outward through our demeanor, actions and words which change us, the people with whom we come in contact and, eventually, the world.
    It sometimes feels like it’s too little, too late, when I look at the atrocities humankind commits one against the other daily. I also believe that we must defend ourselves so that there is a continuation of the compassion in the world and not only the violence.
    But I also think that change comes slowly and in small increments and begins at home.
    One breath at a time; one minute at a time; one day at a time.

    • It is no cliche my friend, your words are true and it is true that our individual compassion and concern for others is the important thing, and for sure the messages emanating from us through our aura, or words and our actions are which matter most, these will bring about a steady change as one by one, non believers take notice and continue the process so that one day change will come.
      Thank you for your support and words of wisdom

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