Love, Compassion and our Best Wishes for 2015

Published 05/01/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

meditation Grampians

My wife and I meditating at the top of the Grampian mountains on New Years Day 2015.

I would like to take a moment to thank you all for all your follows, your comments and your support during 2014 and for the friendship and love you have sent me from all around the world.

Love, compassion and awareness of life and the world we live in is what I stand for, I try my best to promote these things through my blog and my daily activities, it is not always easy, there are often set-backs, challenges and sometimes even extremely negative and abusive responses and comments to my posts, I do however take these negative comments in my stride and think of all ย for the love and support that you guys give me which in turn provides me with the strength to continue on in the hope that we can together help make change.

May and I had the opportunity to spend Christmas and New Year in Australia this year, we spent most of our time in nature, meditating and connecting with the beauty and spirit of Australia’s outback, the positive energy, the weather, the trees and the mountains gave us strength and we are both re-energized to do even more this year ๐Ÿ™‚

The dawn of 2015 brought about the sad deaths of 36 people in Shanghai, the city where we live, those souls were lost to our world after a deadly stampede on New Yearโ€™s Eve killed 36 and caused the cancellation of celebrations across the city. At least 47 people were injured, including 40 still serious enough to required hospitalization, the Shanghai government said on its website. “The stampede — the cityโ€™s deadliest disaster since 2010 — started about 11:35 p.m. on New Yearโ€™s Eve as tens of thousands of people crowded into the historic Bund riverside district for a light show”.


My prayers go out to those who are no longer with us and to their families and friends during this time of sorrow, may their souls rest in peace.

2015, what will it bring us?

I do hope that 2015 will bring about greater self realization, more compassion and a greater understanding of our world to us all. For us to work together in the name of peace and move forward towards a happier world where we can all live without the need for war, where we actively work together as one to find ways in which we can bring about the end of poverty, feed the hungry and save our environment from the ravages and destruction of our insatiable greed for more!…We can, I believe; achieve great things in 2015, we are on our way, our voices are now at last being heard, the powers that be are now starting to take notice, we can make a difference, we can bring about change.

I know you are there and I am very happy!

Namaste with Love

16 comments on “Love, Compassion and our Best Wishes for 2015

  • Thank you both for creating a network of light and love. I feel the souls of the tragic event in Shanghai, as they rise in peace, so is our love and compassion for all, I share your vision of raising our frequency to that of peace, and connect in love in this New Now. Heart to heart Robyn

  • Thank you Mark. And I am glad you were able to enjoy the beauty of my country. It is an incredible energy. Very harsh on one end of the spectrum but blessed with incredible beauty on the other. Like our lives, one side must be felt to appreciate the truth of the other.
    Blessings also for your New Year and the journey that it brings. Let it be one of change, direction and happiness towards the ideals that you keep within, and a love that guides you truly.
    My heart goes out to the tragedy in your country. It is a very sorrowful thing to see such a loss during a time that should be a celebration. My prayers are with you and your countrymen, and that you find peace and love during this time as you come closer together in empathy for that loss. Namaste

  • Yours was the first post in my Reader when I logged on. The photo of the two of you meditating on top of the mountains made me want to do the same. You both appear so serene. It made me smile and think in 2015 I want to renew my search for more mindfulness. I feel I strayed a bit from my path the last few months. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and waking me up! Namaste

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