The Pendulum and the Sage

Published 06/01/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


The pendulum swings to and fro
From darkness to light
From sickness to health
From goodness to evil
And back again.

It’s enough to make anyone confused.
The sage has found the still point between;
Remaining neutral
He teaches by living a simple, honest life;
He creates by allowing,
He feeds without forcing,
And gives by receiving.

He heals by perceiving
One’s inner wholeness,
Then lets go,
He’s always in touch.

Can you find the still point between?

Meditate on this one my friends 🙂

Namaste with Love

4 comments on “The Pendulum and the Sage

  • Thank you Mark, as this State of being has risen in the collective within me. as the inner stillness is in the drivers seat, thus allowing for the flow. beautifully written. Heart to heart Robyn.

  • In physics when the pendulum becomes stationary the force rises, in our state of becoming when the opposites are in balance within the pendulum is at rest, the Kundalini rises and we step onto the first rung of enlightenment. Love David

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