The Essence of Life

Published 09/01/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


The Essence of Life

There is an essence that embodies the universe and yet it exists beyond all space and time. It is infinitely ancient because it is eternal. In comparison to this, the universe’s age of fourteen billion years is nothing.

Human beings have made many inadequate attempts to describe it. Some may call it God, others may prefer a term like Tao, which means ‘The Way’ for the simple reason that this essence is the way of existence, the way or reality.

We do not know much about it, but we do know that the essence is within us. Our highest hopes and dreams, ideals and aspirations all come from its power to express itself. We manage to catch a glimpse of it when we exchange smiles with one another, we can feel it when one hand reaches out to touch another. It is what we are at the most essential level.

Try to meditate upon the essence of your truest nature, and call it by its original name: Love. The essence is no more or less than the energy of love in its purest form. Human beings are simply the solidified manifestation of this energy. That is why it is so important to us, and why we can never be without it. Embrace the essence, for it is the reason for existence itself, and the reason why we exist at all.

Namaste with Love

10 comments on “The Essence of Life

  • Insightful, as always Mark. Sorry I’ve been so quiet of late… I have enjoyed reading your posts, but have been somewhat tied up to reply. Wishing you health and happiness.
    Blessings, Susan 💖

  • Sorry to disagree for a change Mark but I don’t believe that we are the manifestation of love which in its eternal nature we cannot see, cannot touch, cannot measure, we can only feel its effect. I believe that we have been gifted with the power to use the undeniable essence of the Universe which we call love for the benefit of all, who may not even realise what it is that is coming their way sent by us to make them feel good. Love, David

    • Not to outrightly disagree with you either, David, as I respect we all have our own perceptions of reality, but of course we are the manifestation of love, of source, of all that is. There is no difference between you, or I, or a book, or a tree, or a mountain. Even quantum physics now understands that all matter is made up of energy, that it is the vibrational frequency which dictates how the energy manifests, and that the source of all energy is the same. Aum. Tao. God. Absolute. Atman. Prana. Qi. So many words to describe the same thing. Glimpses of absolute, undifferentiated reality allow one to experience this wholism and connectedness in a profound way, and energetic arts allow us to tap into this energy and learn to reconnect with it and manipulate it to our benefit and the world around us. To understand truly your source is to know your True Face. The self may exist but it is detachment from this idea of self that allows us to understand Transcendental Reality. Love and Light, Briana

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