Trust..So Important in Life

Published 20/01/2015 by inspiringyourspirit



Trust, where do I begin,
Trust, it’s hard to gain
Trust, Its hard to give
Trust, wanted in love
Trust, needed for life

Trust, built to last, or not
Trust, hurts like hell when lost
Trust, must be there in business and in life
Trust, loosing it starts wars
Trust, friendships won or lost

Trust, leads to the heart
Trust, ends in happiness or in tears
Trust, is a must.

Namaste with Love

3 comments on “Trust..So Important in Life

  • Enjoyed creating this comment, so going to make it a post:

    Begin to trust that [THINGS CHANGE].
    Trust that you will remain with you in your happiness or in your tears.
    Give yourself to trust you and to be in [LOVE] with the most wonderful and awesome you.

    Gain is hard to trust.
    Trust the truth: that in business people steal, lie, cook the books, hold back opportunities, are disloyal and dangerous, but that is them.
    Trust that wars break out and that it’s not your business.
    Trust that there’re bugs, pollution, over population…
    Trust that this finite planet has extreme mood swings with the weather.
    Trust this tiny speck in a universe full of bigger specks that “could” hit us at any minute.

    Trust that others will seem to hurt us,
    but it is what we’re thinking of them that hurts us most.
    Trust that some crave and manipulate trust as a must from others,
    but that maybe they just need this from themselves.
    Trust wanting to love, this is your heart’s natural state.
    Trust to love yourself and others (but that you don’t have to go on a camping holiday to Siberia with them with a dog called “Fluffy” who has bad breath and farts).

    Trust life, as you’re alive to read this ain’t yer?
    Trust death, even though it has such a bad press and who knows how long we’re built for?
    Trust [THINGS CHANGE] and we don’t have to like it, but life becomes easier if we do.
    Trust again and again, that you will remain with you in your tears and in your happiness.
    Trust you to be in [LOVE] with the most wonderful and awesome complex, being you.

    Namaste with love

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