Feeling Unwell Today

Published 09/02/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Feeling really unwell today 😦

Well, I guess it was inevitable that at some point this winter I would succumb to the Flu, I have been surrounded by friends and colleagues these past few weeks that have one by one gone down with this years flu virus, I thought I was out of the woods but then… It took me as a prisoner….BAM, my head aches with a migraine to beat all migraine’s, I’m coughing like a seasoned smoker (and i don’t smoke), my ribs feel as though I have gone 10 rounds with Mohammed Ali, my body aches from head to toe and I have 0 energy 😦

Send me some loving healing energy if you have some to spare my friends, I could do with your support right now 🙂

I best do a mind and body scan meditation now and take control back from this nasty virus…and If you too are suffering from the same as me, my heart goes out to you my friends.

Namaste with Love

19 comments on “Feeling Unwell Today

  • Echinacea Vit C and Zinc are powerful against the flu. I put oil of Peppermint around my nostrils when I go out. It prevents you from breathing germs. Take anti bacterial hand gel around with you. If you eat out don’t touch the Salt and Pepper as these are never washed. Get well soon! Be blessef

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