Touching base with your Heart & Trusting your Intuition

Published 06/03/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Touching base with your heart and your soul, easy?…… No!….Achievable?…Yes! 🙂

Our lives are so full of madness…time, the clock, rushing here, rushing there, eating while watching tv, reading the news, checking and responding to emails….working, parenting, relationships,’…their up’s and down’s…children and our fear for their future, challenges at work, career prospects, learning, financial difficulties….Is it all doom and gloom?….Only if you let it be!

I too have been a victim of all these things, my life has been filled with education, doing better, achieving more, working hard, working harder, working more hours, doing more of everything, wanting more of everything, buying for the sake of buying, mounting debt problems, children, the worries of being a parent, relationship challenges, divorce, grieving for the loss of loved ones, changing careers, re-educating myself, starting again, fighting to survive, living on the breadline, finding new love, emerging from the flames, being born again, awakening to the realities of life, becoming aware of what is important in life, caring from the heart, wanting to see change in our world, fighting for change, being frustrated that I cannot do enough, or make change happen overnight…an on; and on the cycle goes….So now what?…Where am I and what does the future hold?

Should I give up, should I buckle down and follow the pack, work every hour god sends, chase the dreams of others, or follow my heart, live in the ‘now’, do as ‘I’; my soul, my higher self wants?….

A dilemma felt by many….., choices…which way to go?…

The choice is yours, either be controlled or be in control….

I choose life, I choose to live in the now, to work in ‘Mindfulness’ of the other sometimes more important things in my life, for my family, for our future, for humanity, for our environment, for Mother Earth, for others less fortunate than I, I choose to serve for the betterment of my self, for my soul. My heart is now free, free to choose which way to go, I listen to my heart, I trust my intuition, I listen with Empathy to others with the intent to understand, and I place my feet firmly down on my own spiritual pathway, the journey which leads me through life with a smile; not a burden of weight placed upon my shoulders by others who want to control my destiny.

Be ‘Mindful’ my dear friends, live your life according to your own destiny, allow yourself the luxury right to enjoy your life to the full, take time out for yourself, connect with your heart and soul through meditation, free your mind from the distractions of modern life, see life as it really is and start enjoying each and every day to the full, see the blueness of the sky or if your sky is grey; see the blueness of the sky up above the clouds, watch the sun rise and set, see the smiles of the children around you , reconnect with your inner child, smile, always smile and breathe….just breathe 🙂

Namaste with Love





7 comments on “Touching base with your Heart & Trusting your Intuition

  • Beautiful Mark and so evocative of life…my life, like many others I’m sure. Yet it felt, as I rushed through the frenetic day that I was you or you were me, so similar it seemed.
    You seem to have achieved your peace… would that I could say the same, or that I could ask for the key to achieving it. The struggle at times feels unending.
    I have to ask, does it have to be this way? Learning only through trial and great heartbreak and travail… surely there is some other way?
    Apologies for the long ramble… it stirred many questions and I have been absent too long.☺
    Thank you for touching me so deeply.
    Blessings, Susan 💖

    • My Dear Susan, I think you are way too hard on yourself, ever chasing something that is already there ‘within you and with you’, you just have to be in the ‘Now’, be still and connect to your true self 🙂 Do you meditate? Do you take time out for yourself in your busy life?….You deserve this personal time, time in which you can be at one with your inner child and connect with your heart 🙂

      • I would love to say yes…which is only partly true. I try which counts for something. There have been a plethora of messages coming through whilst I’m sleeping, leaving me tired and lethargic. I’m Journalling madly to get everything down… i will share them shortly since i would love some insights with them
        Yet I know you are right… between all I do there is a feeling that true ‘me time’ is sadly lacking. If you have any hints, tips or insights into how I can recapture the rapture of sinking into a really wonderful meditation. ..I’d be grateful. Being in the Now has challenges i try to avoid…dealing with it is the sensible thing to do yet so far all it has produced is more migraines, back spasms and….old term is angina I believe. Guess I’m being told I’m fortunate i have a heart which still beats. 😊 Love your writing Mark. Sorry I dont comment more…double vision makes for a zillion corrections and most of them incorrect.😅
        Blessings, Susan 💖

        • Hi Susan, wow! I’m really looking forward to learning more about your messages and also trying to help you with your meditations. I guess the best place to start is to ask you how you meditate, what method/s do you use, do your use music, guided meditations and how long do you usually meditate for? I’m also often ‘too busy’ to meditate then i remember the old saying ‘The soul knows how to heal itself, the challenge is to quiet the mind’….I hope you feel well soon my friend and please let me know if i can help 🙂 Namaste with Love Mark

  • Thank you Mark for such a thoughtful post. “Live your life according to your own destiny.” This is a bit difficult to assimilate as I keep cursing it……:( Happy Friday and have a peaceful weekend ahead.

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