Transforming Anger into Loving Kindness

Published 18/03/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

Do you have trouble with anger, or does your mind raise levels of hatred towards others? If so, then this short video from Mingyur Rinpoche may be useful for you and help you become aware of your anger, hatred and turn them into feelings of compassion and loving kindness.

Namaste with Love



6 comments on “Transforming Anger into Loving Kindness

  • I try to raise my mind towards others whose actions I dislike.. I send them thoughts of love.. For their anger and hatred is the absence of Love..
    I do often feel sad that many still have such a lot to learn about Compassion and Kindness..
    But getting angry only amplifies the energy, One has to send and give out Peace..

    Many thanks Mark

    Blessings Sue

    • Oh so true Sue, it is sad indeed that there is still so much anger and hatred in our world and a lack of loving kindness and understanding of compassion, but together we can make a change, one step at a time, with open hearts and gifts of smiles 🙂 Blessings of love my friend, Namaste Mark

  • and understanding is the vital key. Make sure that you and other understand the same picture in your heads.

    With understanding in each other needs, the anger will naturally disappear and compassion comes.

    Thank you for sharing this. :))

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