Get Up Off Your Ass, Break Away From Your TV and Do Something To Stop This Madness!

Published 28/04/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

I urge you all to please watch this powerful short video and if you are like me it will leave you in tears and it will touch your heart, and I hope also urge you to stand up, break away from your tv and actually start doing something to help save our environment, this message is for YOU, You, yes YOU….Please share this with your friends, your social networks, and anyone who you care about….Please, please help me to help get this message out.

Namaste with Love



35 comments on “Get Up Off Your Ass, Break Away From Your TV and Do Something To Stop This Madness!

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    We all need to do our part. Think about future It is up to us to save this planet for future generations. Every time you recycle you save a little league ball field. Plant a garden, or trim a tree instead of chopping it down. Do it this year. The future is now!

  • Appreciate your concern, Mark; also that of Sue in reblogging the post, which has connected me to a cause that every one must attend to on priority. The carbon deposits lying for billions of years below the earth have since found its way into the atmosphere with disastrous consequences. The scale of deforestation featured in the video is abominable; every one of us in each and every household must commit to enhancing green cover by growing more trees, as that is the only solution to bring the carbon back to the earth; concurrently, focus on reducing emissions and inducting green technology into our working, production and construction practices. Reduce consumption of wood and paper to as minimum levels as possible, reduce intake of meat and go green in your eating habits, bearing in mind that the global meat industry claims heavily on the depleting production of good grains. Are you ready to commit on the above? If so, there is hope; if not, doomsday will be on us sooner than later….best wishes… Raj.

    • Agree fully Raj, we must have a global change, education is the key, then people actually acting on this new found education. We must get the message out to the majority that could actually help turn the balance in the favour of Mother Earth but to do that we need to bring global (Humanity) majority in country pressure on the corporates to clean up their act, stop focussing alone on profit and bring about an end to ‘favouritism, graft’ and the controlling of these government officials by these corporations.

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    When are WE going to start and take Personal Responsibility for our actions.. When we change our way of being, our consumer habits, and understand that each of us contribute to the state of our Planet, and Environment… Including too our prejudices and narrow views about each other…
    Take care of our Planet, and each Other..

  • Mark thank you for bringing this video to our attention.. Yes WE are the ones with our consumer habits have to realise it is WE who have to change.. While ever we sit back and think its someone else’s problem it will not go away..

    While I have no doubts in a few thousand years time Earth as a planet will eventually recover from our Greed and ‘Madness’ I doubt whether many species will still be here.. And that includes Mankind..

    As a species upon Planet Earth I think Humans despite all the so called ‘intelligence’ they hold, have contributed to destroying its own habitat without the thought of consequence. Greed being the cutting tool which has cut deep into the Amazon Rain Forests, Deep into our Oceans, and Polluted our skies.. No longer do our rivers run with clear water, And Nuclear testing fall out from Nuclear power stations such as Fukushima in Japan is flooding into our oceans and will never clear from our planet.. Causing I am sure yet more cancers for future generations.

    Yes we have made such a mess of planet Earth, all in the name of Profit and Greed…

    Many thanks for sharing Mark… Blessings sent your way. _/\_

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