What Beliefs Are We Feeding Our Children?

Published 03/06/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


How do our children learn to hate, become racist, judgemental or prejudiced?

We all come into this world innocent, we don’t harbour any belief systems, we don’t hold any hate in our hearts, we see every other human being as the same as us, we make friends easily irrespective of social, religious or ethnic differences and we love each other unconditionally…..

…….So what goes wrong, how do we learn these behavioural and emotional traits?

As parents, grandparents and siblings, it is our duty to help our children to grow, to learn and to evolve, to help them achieve the best life they can and live their lives in peace with love and compassion in their hearts, this is our duty…..

Is it yours?……….

Be a part of your child’s life, show them the right ways in life, allow them to meet with and integrate with other children from other religious backgrounds, countries and cultures, take them out and show them the wonders of mother nature, let them feel the warm sun on their skin, the rain on their face and the grass beneath their feet, teach them to respect nature and all it glory, teach them to love animals as equals and to foster if you can.

Our planet is under great threat, humanity, and our natural resources are under great threat, these threats including global warming, famine, severe water shortages and wars between countries, religions and ethnic races are just a part of these threats, animals are becoming extinct, wiped out from the face of this earth due to greed and we,…and our children can turn it around….

We can make a difference,

We can bring back love, compassion and a true sense of brotherhood for mankind…… for the benefit of us all!

Now is your chance….

Make a difference in a child’s life,

Make a difference for humanity.

Namaste with Love



18 comments on “What Beliefs Are We Feeding Our Children?

  • Very nice, thanks for sharing. I’m against having children period; with the world as overly populated as it is, it takes very mature and spiritually evolved humans to rear a child properly, which are usually a minority.

    • It’s a shame Maria but many people feel the same way as you because of this fact, however, children are our future and it is humanities responsibility to make sure that future generations are brought up with the right values, this is a constant battle of education of real life values / over greed, one battle that has been waged for generations. I live in hope that times are a changing πŸ™‚ Namaste, Mark

  • Reblogged this on sonnische and commented:
    This sweet, brief post is so sharply to the point, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to share it with my readers. Our human race depends upon our understanding grave threats looming in order to overcome them, if we can.

  • So true Mark, It is where education begins and hopefully continues … the greatest call to us right now is to become closer to out grandchildren to help and guide them into compassionate, understanding and respectful adults. Love, David

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