Published 26/06/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


Sometimes I just sit alone and think, often thinking too much about my life, the people around me, my family, my friends, my work colleagues, spending too much time overthinking and allowing my ego mind to have it’s way with me!

Our days are filled with wasted time, hour after hour our mind ticks over, relentlessly sending us it’s opinions based upon our thoughts on the things we see, hear and fell, judging this and judging that, telling us to hate this person, stay away from that person, beware and fear this or that and holding us back from living our lives to the full.

Somedays our hearts are totally controlled by our mind, we feel lost and alone, its like something is missing from our heart, like a lost loved one, something is missing and causing us pain, we become tearful, agitated, anxious and sometimes so down that we just don’t want to get up or go out, the feeling is so strong that it controls our very being and stops us from moving forward with our lives.

Loneliness and the lack of love for ourselves feeds our ego mind, it fuels its fire and allows damaging thoughts to be generated at a rapid speed, negativity reigns supreme when the ego mind is at play, controlling our very being.

When your feeling down and lonely, its hard to pick yourself up when the ego mind is holding you down , twisting your mind with its negativity, pumping your body full of non-productive, suppressing ideas as to how you should live your life, it’s in total control…but how do we break free from the clutches of our ego mind?

Well, in my case, meditation is the key, it brings me peace and allows me to break free of the chains that my ego mind has wrapped around my soul, meditation takes me to a place of peace, to a solitude of silence where I can connect with my soul, with my Divine Self and where I can take back my life from the clutches of this egotistic mind that is at play with me.

If you suffer from any form of loneliness, unhappiness, anxiety in your life then please try meditation, seek out someone to help you, to guide you in the early stages of your practice……feel free once again and regain your happiness, then start living your life of joy ๐Ÿ™‚

Namaste with Love



23 comments on “Loneliness

  • I haven’t been meditating lately, but no longer feel a need to if that makes sense. I’m content for the first time in my life. I overcame my lifetime loneliness and feel a part of this world and everything in it.

  • Through meditation we are blessed with a marvelous vehicle to let go of all thoughts, preferences and opinions to see the impermanence and non-existence of all things so as to cease our dualistic delusions as well as even our struggles to attain enlightenment and realize that “everything is just like this”. Once we recognize our oneness with all things, we create world peace.
    Thank you for sharing those encouraging words, Mark.

    Chazz Vincent

  • Conversely to the sadness which I sense in this post in our 12 year retreat in Spain we have learnt the value of solitude, seeking and finding happiness in the simplest things. There are moments when our impatience gets the better of us but we have each other and can easily reign back and find happiness again. I commend the search for happiness whether it be through the joy of another’s company or the simple pleasures of , as Trini says, through poetry, painting or plating the piano. Love, David

  • Dear Mark, I too, am struggling to separate from the ego but the more I try, the more the ego seems to fight back. Meditation also works for me as it allows to sit in the inner stillness and silence where the ego cannot reach me – albeit for short periods of time. Thank you for your insights. Namaste

  • Mark thank you for your insight. I too am struggling with separating from the ego. The harder I try the more the neverending chatter increases. I also find meditation to be the best solution. To rest within our inner being in a place of stillness and love. A place where the ego cannot exist – albeit for a short while. Namaste Elwin

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