Observation & Judgement …..Your Mind and The Games We Have To Play

Published 13/08/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

You have to be quicker than your own mind!

When you see yourself analysing or negatively judging what you observe in yourself, whether it is a thought,emotion, or attitude, be more clever than the one who is judging or analysing. Step back into the observer; observe the judge and don’t judge him. The judge becomes the object of your observation. Remember to make every disturbing element the object of your observation; in this way, the observer goes more deeply into observation each time, whereas if you see what comes as an obstacle to observation, it becomes one.

The more you are in the observer , the less importance the object you observe has. When you are in the state of the observer, , which is not the state of the dreamer, you observe what you decide to observe and are awake to the rest; otherwise this state of concentration leads to emptiness, but to a hollow emptiness. True emptiness is the emptiness of the observer who is detached from the mechanism and capable of taking in everything. Thoughts come and go in your emptiness, and it remains empty because nothing remains attached to it.  The observer sees everything, it remains tranquil, there are no negative emotions . Everything is handles rightly. Things pass, the observer can take them seriously or lightly, it is identified with nothing. Judgment belongs to the world of things that pass.

So keep on observing with no judgment my friends and have some fun with your mind.

Namaste with Love



11 comments on “Observation & Judgement …..Your Mind and The Games We Have To Play

  • Use the time you watch or listen to campaign related activities over the next couple of days to help you identify and sort out observations from judgements. This practice will help you in your life, and perhaps help you sort out the truth from the massive spin that is employed by the campaigns as well as their supporters.

  • Powerful picture and quote. Hopefully the many readers that see this really investigate and learn about what this awareness it’s pointing to is really like. Incredible post 🙂

  • This is a prescription for all time, Mark, reflecting the timeless wisdom defined by sages of yore. In point of fact, it is exactly so in meditation; there may not be escape from the wandering mind, hopping from one thought to the other, almost like a simian, but the meditator must counter it by becoming the observer of those straying thoughts, without becoming involved in it. The same process may be carried forward to our workaday world as much as practicable, as therein lies the path to equanimity, where one develops the mental equipoise to face success and failure, happiness and sorrow, treating them alike. In a larger sense, to the one whose mind is fixed in yoga (union of self with cosmic consciousness), there is no difference between the observer and the observed, the subject and object, both being part of the same Oneness. Warm regards and best wishes your way… Raj.

  • Wow, thank you Mark, just what I needed right now. I know that merely by observation we change what we observe but never applied it to my own consciousness! Love and blessings, David

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