Help Others Because You Can!

Published 28/08/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

A very powerful message…..

Most of us go by each day without a single thought for the welfare of others, our busy, hectic lives full of drive , the need to succed, earn more, buy more and live in happiness… ‘Self’

If we see someone on the street we don’t ‘stop’ and think, “why is that person on the street”, “I wonder what brought them here”, we certainly never go up to them and ask…Oh, No!…

But as this image says “If I get wet, I can change my clothes…I’m collecting for someone who can’t!

The next time you see someone on the streets, stop and think a while, don’t judge, observe and give 🙂

Or if you have the time, then do as this man has done and actually do more to help!

Have a great weekend my friends, live, love and be happy 🙂

Namaste with Love



8 comments on “Help Others Because You Can!

  • Powerful picture Mark, it is true we have so much but the one thing we seem to have so little of is time to help others! I sincerely hope that we will not have to wait until we have the time when it might be too late. Love, David

  • Mark.. Many thanks dear friend.. We need more to open their hearts as well as their pockets to see we need to be helping each other.. Instead of shunning them and condemning them.. We who have so much are so greedy we can not even find it in our hearts to share.. And that is the problem.. We have become so conditioned to wanting MORE.. We feel others who are in need a threat.. Sad so sad .. I hope more learn to find compassion and open their hearts and then they will see the money in their wallets and banks is worthless when they leave this world with only that which they have gathered in their hearts x
    Blessings Sue x

    • So, so true Sue. I see the greed everyday, the rat race pushing forward to want and take more, to consume until they are sick, their bellies so full that they need to take home food over ordered by greedy eyes and a fat wallet but this take home is thrown in the trash because they want and need more, something new each time…and on and on it goes, whilst other brothers and sisters of humanity around the world starve, succumb to disease and did because of lust for more!….If I can help one person awaken from this vicious circle we call life then I have done my job. Thank you Sue for being there and for pushing forward to help humanity awaken. Blessings to you, Namaste, Mark

    • My dear friend, all it takes is to help one person, hold out your hand as a brother, look into their eyes and see the person behind the body and you will see yourself as we are all ‘One’..Namaste, with Love, Mark

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