Moving House Madness, Like Our Life in a Box

Published 21/10/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

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My Dear Friends,

I’m sorry for not posting for these past few days but I have been so preoccupied with moving apartments that i have not had the time to think and had no internet connection at our new home. But during the moving madness I noticed just how much ‘Stuff’ ( for those of you not from the UK or who may not know the term ‘Stuff’, it means things,ย miscellaneousย items etc ) we have accumulated over the years, boxes and boxes of ‘stuff’, many boxes of ‘stuff’ are still boxed since our last move three years ago, and some even longer than that. This brings me to the thought of how we cling to ‘Things’, to ‘Stuff’, in the hope that it will come in useful one day, it brings us fond memories, the suit or dress may fit me again one day when i loose weight, so they follow us from one home to another never seeing the light of day again, taking up much needed space and costing us money in expensive real estate square footage/meterage!

So, then it go me thinking how this clinging to ‘stuff’ actually mirrors our lives, our personalities and our behaviours, where we cling to ‘Stuff’ that hurts us, holds us back and stops us from ever reaching our potential and achieving our life purpose. The clinging to old relationships, holding on to grudges, allowing aspects of our lives and old Karmic ties and bonds from this life; and previous lives to continue controlling us, stopping us in our tracks and leading us back to the past each time we try to move on with our lives!

So, moving home is a great time to have a clear out, to open up those boxes and shed those items from your past, especially those that hold you back, those old clothes will probably never fit you again so give them to friends or to charity, allow someone else to gain the benefit, to bring a smile to their face when they try those clothes on and feel good maybe for the first time in ages! Give those toys and ornaments away, or if you like sell them off and do something nice with the money…but, shedding those items will bring you a new lease on life, it will bring a smile to your face and it in doing so you bring happiness and joy to someone else…even better ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, on to your personal life, maybe it’s time you shedded some weight, not physical pounds/Kilo’s, but excess baggage that you have been carrying for years, old karma holding you back, old grudges, old relationships that you have not fully let go, and of course people in your life that continue to hold you back…..

There are many groups out there who can help you with this process of shedding/letting go, if you don’t know where to start or need my help, please let me know and I will be happy to help you with this process.

Make today, the first day of spring, clean out the old and make way for the new ๐Ÿ™‚

Namaste with Love



11 comments on “Moving House Madness, Like Our Life in a Box

  • A very timely post for me to read, Mark. After 25 years in the same New York apartment, we are preparing to put it up for sale and move to a warmer climate. The first task is getting it painted, and that means, among other chores, clearing shelves. We have so much STUFF, as you so aptly describe it. The books alone have been a huge burden to try to resolve. Some we will keep, but most are on the way out. In New York we have an amazing bookstore called the Strand that sells new books but also buys and sell used books. The past 2 days I’ve taken bags with as much as I could carry to the store, and I’ve made $22 so far. Not a lot, but we decided to put this sort of “found money” aside for something fun when we get to our new space. The Buddhist and vegan books I will keep, as well as professional ones I’ll keep using wherever I am, but it feels really good to be free of so much! Thanks for this post, and all the best to you in your new digs!

  • I can understand exactly how you feel Mark having packed 218 boxes ourselves since May when we thought we had sold and have been living in Box City since then on the minimal amount of things necessary to live, so like you we have some serious downsizing to do to get rid of ‘stuff’ when we too move, hopefully before Christmas. Many heartfelt blessings to you and family. Love David

  • I hope your move goes smoothly. That can be so stressful. We moved last year, and I thought it a great time to get rid of “stuff”, unfortunately, you must all be in agreement as to which stuff can go and which stuff others in the household want to keep. While we did get rid of quite a bit, we still have a garage half filled with stuff we don’t need, and haven’t needed for the past year. Each time we move we get rid of lots of stuff, yet somehow by the time of the next move, we have accumulated more stuff. Just like George Carlin said!

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