20 comments on “A Simple Question To You All?

  • As silly as it sounds, I would like to get rid of trade and commerce. But surely that’s not possible. we have been trading among ourselves since centuries for one of prominent reasons was living but the ugly side of it continues to commercialize everything including hearts, emotions, and relationships. We are trading all of it.

    • Trade is so important to the lives of everyone in humanity, however the greed associated with this trade by the few creates suffering for the many 😦 Thank you for you comment Ankita and welcome to my humble blog 🙂

  • I agree with eugene1492. Greed is something completely man made and unnecessary. What does it teach? The greedy are getting greedier and I see no way of stopping it. What person should have a net worth of $300 million! It’s obscene! Greed is one thing I would eliminate. There is another choice, but I won’t start that conversation.

    • 🙂 We all have choice and we all have our own unique opinions my friend, what we need is balance, the scales like Yin and Yang should be perfectly balanced, therefore, no one should be so rich or so poor..equality is the key. Thank you as always for your support of my blog 🙂 Blessings for a great weekend, Love , Mark

  • Namaste, Mark. I think that the World without GREED would be a better world.
    Sharing instead of accumulating, loving instead of indifference.
    Our Planet can survive if we join hands and efforts. Mother earth is ready to help ALL her children but too many of them prevent others of being happy.
    Water to keep the grass green but deserts for those who die of thirst.
    I could go on, but that was not your question… So ONLY THING if it must …GREED.

    I hope you have already settled down and have found your place in your new home.
    Love and Light.


    • Hi Eugene,
      Thank you, as always my friend 🙂
      Yes, I agree, greed is a terrible thing and it unfortunately rules mankind, always has and always will!
      Leading and living a simple life of equality, sharing natural resources, food and wealth and where nothing tips the balance; is in my humble opinion the way for mankind, however, there will always be the ones that want more, need more and tip the balance in their favour and at the expense of the many for the few. Our world, humanity is slowly waking up and noticing this disparity and now realising the huge wealth and the controls that this accumulation of wealth brings to the few and many are now standing up against this..Slowly, slowly the balance on the scale is moving slowly back in the favour of the majority….One day my friend, one day 🙂

      • Yes, Mark, as usual you are very wise in your comments.. and tomorrow is another day, we all know it but many of us forget that we can ONLY live one day at a time and tomorrow might not, after all, be OUR day anymore

        Some of us think that they can carry their (good?) fortune on the “other” side and also plan to live eternally without permitting that others might even enjoy some of it.
        When will humans learn? How many more casualties, how many more catastrophes will be necessary to wake up the ones who sleep thinking that their bed is far away from the fellow man’s problems.

        Inch’Al-lah, Mark, if G-od permits and humans try their best.. then it might be right to say :
        One day, my Friend, one day 🙂

  • I eventually realised….nothing! For it all teaches us, good and bad…one cannot exist without the other. I suppose it is that old maxim of….it is only when we are treated poorly that we then appreciate love when it comes along. It also teaches empathy and compassion and a love of self because we understand those things. All is needed for that balance, an understanding of both sides of everything to finally reach that unconditional within.
    Yes, it would be lovely to rid the world of many things…but at what cost?

    • 🙂 Perfect Mark…Yin, Yang, we always need balance, if we took away 1 item then we would be out of balance, its like the food chain that we as humanity are wiping out through our own greed!…Balance is essential for stability. Namaste, Mark

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