Don’t Forget How Beautiful You Are!

Published 30/10/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

How often do you measure yourself?…..

We think we are too fat, too thin,

Too tall, too short,

Hair to short or too long,

Face too long, or too round,

Too poor, not smart enough, single, gay, disabled, black brown, yellow, etc etc….

But how often do you stop, think….. and realise….

How much your friends and family love you?…And..

How amazing you really are?

Never, Never Forget……You Are Perfect!….

You Are Perfect, Just The Way You Are…..

You Are You, You Are Special…..

And My Dear Friends, You Are Loved πŸ™‚

Blessings to you all for a wonderful weekend….Stop…Think….And…Remember…

You Are Perfect!

Namaste, With Love



19 comments on “Don’t Forget How Beautiful You Are!

  • Dear Mark,

    Thank you for reminding us that we don’t have to correspond to what fashion or passing fads try to impose but rather be ourselves, shining from the inside so that our soul can show itself in our smile and compassionate attitude.

    It’s a pity that we have forgotten that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” for if we quote Voltaire, the philosopher: Ask a toad what is beauty …; he will answer that it is a female with two great round eyes coming out of her little head, a large flat mouth, a yellow belly and a brown back.
    Do we need to say more?

    Namaste, dear Mark, have a splendid weekend in your new abode.
    Kind regards.


  • Beauty is in the eye … But I wonder how many look beyond the physical, the material, in short the ego? When scanning a beauty magazine we will like as not feel ugly, but we are of course beautiful just the way we are and the way we are meant to be. Perfect? Not so sure since perfect leaves no room to improve, however, I believe that since we are who we are and what we are and where we are meant to be, we are in just the right place to use our God given gifts to become even more beautiful and worthy to return to the Logos from whence we came. Love, David

    • Always wise words my friend, perfect in the sense that ‘We’ are ‘All’ from God, so therefore ‘Perfect’ and we will evolve and change according to ‘God’s will and grace as we move forward on our own respective journeys of discovery, learning, growing and hopefully giving along the way πŸ™‚ Enjoy a wonderful weekend my friend πŸ™‚ Love, Always, Mark

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