Wow….Let this little girl open your mind to her world, which should be our reality!

Published 08/11/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

Please watch this very short video, words of wisdom for her parents and I believe for our world, this message as she said comes directly from her heart, she said her heart is empty and everyone in the worlds heart is empty!

We need everyone, including her to be happy, to be as good as possible, nothing else!


Namaste with Love



16 comments on “Wow….Let this little girl open your mind to her world, which should be our reality!

  • Wow Mark this wonderful girl got it all…it did bring tears to my eyes and her words touched my heart deeply I have daughter and I have been through all that in my life, And yes after 7 years of harsh fighting finally the other side accepted that having the friendship “I was offering” was the right thing to do. What a waste of time 7 years of deep pain that could’ve been avoided. It takes Acceptance and Love to make it happen! I shared it on Facebook is a great message!!!

  • Animals and children can teach us so much … out of the mouths of children … I think that we are so absorbed in our day to day problems which I prefer to call opportunities that we have forgotten how to listen and just because those who speak are small and some believe insignificant does not mean that we should turn a blind eye or a deaf ear. That you Mark, that was truly Wow! Love, David

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