What A Difference A Day Makes!

Published 27/11/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

I came across this image and quote by ‘Thich Nhat Hanh this morning and I just had to use it and create a post as a follow up to my previous two posts. Because his statement is so true “The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart”…Wow!

I always felt that my heart was very open and very free, I always hold love in my heart and share my love freely with all, and I truly felt that my life was full of happiness. Yes, we all have bad days, days in which we feel unhappy, unhappy with a relationship, unhappy with our family, our children, unhappiness at work, blah, blah, blah…but generally I felt happy and for most of the time you will always see a smile on my face and I would certainly always try to put a smile on yours 🙂

But how do you really measure happiness?…..

I have been through a few radicle issues and experiences this past few days following on from my sudden death, the experience of watching my body being worked on in the ambulance from above; I guess from the viewpoint of my soul, from my energy being, the true me, and, I realised that I am a being of light, pure energy and my body is just a vessel, a place where my soul has laid its hat for this lifetime, and I am in this body for a brief time, the briefest of time and how easy it is for this life to be STOPPED and for my soul to take flight and move on to its next incarnation, maybe within another physical body here on earth, who really knows!

So what is happiness for me now?…

Well, the jurors are still out thinking about that but what I can say right here and now is….I see life so very differently from that of three days ago, I have always had very strong thoughts on what was and is important in my life, family, friends, humanity, the environment, love, my spirituality etc…But has that changed from this experience?….Yes, it has!

Life is short as I said, and none of us is in control of when its time for us to leave, death is waiting for us all!…… I now have no problem with that, and I now know there is a ‘light at the end of that tunnel’ so to say, and my soul will continue its journey and take me on to continue my service. I now in these past three days sit and contemplate more, I sit in silence, meditate, calm my mind and just be ‘me’, I’m spending more time with me, connecting with my heart and my soul, I look out of the window and actually pay attention, real attention to all the beauty that my eyes can see, what a wonder this is 🙂 The slight differences in the colours of the sky, the shades of blue like the full range of mixed colours on the artist’s palette, the white, the grey and the tints of brown and blue within the clouds, the sun, the shadows, the trees, the green, the brown, the yellow leaves falling to the ground with each gust of wind that passes through the leaves, the noises of my day, the cars on the street, the hum of life as it passes me by, the warmth of my chair, the feeling of unconditional love and warmth as my little dogs pass by my legs as I sit writing this post….My coffee, its aroma, the steam rising from the cup, drawing me in, intoxicating me with its richness, my mind, its openness, its instant ability to just do, the way it directs my fingers to dance its thoughts upon my keyboard…..and my wife ‘May’, the thoughts of her right now, the love she has for me, the support and caring she has for me, her very being, her beauty, her voice, her grace, her compassion, her kindness….My journey, my pathway, my life…where will it take me?

Life is to live, we spend too much time dealing with things of low importance and low value but for most we never even realise these very facts, we amble through life thinking we are happy until the end of days comes and we think ‘I wish I had done that’….!

Well for me, I am going to do ‘That’…I am going to live my life, I am going to do what makes me happy 🙂 …..As I now really, really understand that happiness does not have to have a $ value attached because happiness is what you already have inside your heart, happiness is in each and every one of us….So, my friends, STOP looking for happiness outside, stop looking for happiness through money, just go into your heart and use the senses that were given to you as a child….and LIVE 🙂

Namaste, with Love





8 comments on “What A Difference A Day Makes!

  • You know Mark I have often been ridiculed when, driving along, I remark on the colour of the fields of rape being more vibrant yellow than last year, the way the sun casts light and shadow over the undulating pine covered hills that surround our home and the unaccountable feeling of joy within at the smallest and the greatest wonders that surround us.
    The Masters tell us that the Grace, which pours down upon us 24/7, is to permit us, if we so choose with our Free/will, to become aware of everything and everyone in a sense of the greatest gratitude for All There Is!
    That unaccountable feeling is in fact a new level of consciousness which we can only interpret as happiness.
    It is of course one more tiny step on the way to becoming One. Enjoy every moment of your new found freedom Mark whether you consider it of heart, mind, consciousness or Spirit. Your Soul sees and witnesses it all! Love, David

    • Thank you David. I totally understand what you are saying, last night I was trying to articulate some of these feelings to some friends and their ‘looks’ and ‘eyes’ told me they thought I was crazy 🙂 But if this is crazy then I’m certainly happy being crazy because what I have experiences was and is a gift, the new found freedom for my heart and for my soul is wonderful, the days are now filled with so much more joy as my senses are filled to overflow with the wonders of our world and our life 🙂 Namaste my friend 🙂

  • And what a beautiful light. After such an event it is like a filter is removed, and so much more can be seen….and I don’t mean visually, it is like another level of awareness is opened, your senses will all be heightened, but this is more a deeper perception of what IS there, not the surface of what we normally see from our eyes.
    And above all of that coming together, you began to ‘see’ truth, around you, in others…but not a judgmental truth, a truth that has no boundaries within itself…a truth driven by the unconditional love that is within it. You ‘see’ the pain in their journey, the hurts that hold us all in its grip until we understand and release it.
    It is an ability to heal, from understanding our own healing, after such a big event that you have now experienced.
    You begin to stand in what you have now become, the light within has changed, your journey now stands on a new path.
    As you have said, what had meaning, no longer has. What had worth, is no longer relevant. That unconditional part of who you are within has been opened. That light will guide you…to your truth…by just standing in it. You will smile…because it is just who you are…finally, truthfully, an acceptance that you are perfect exactly as you stand in this moment…and it releases all else.
    Thank you for sharing Mark, I smile with you as I write…and remember! May this new journey never lessen that smile, nor the light that has now opened in your heart. Namaste

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