Taking Time Out in the Concrete Jungle of Shanghai

Published 17/05/2016 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

One of my dear blogging friends Saymber said to me a few days ago, and I quote “.it’s important to stay grounded in these things. I would suggest a nice bit of time outside without shoes and socks and maybe some of your favorite music”. I replied that  its not so easy living in a concrete jungle with 28,000,000 (that’s 28 million) other souls, but I agreed with her that what she was saying was so true and i really needed to get myself grounded, take my shoes and socks off and re-connect with Mother Earth, so today, I did it 🙂 And I feel fantastic 🙂 I took a walk to my closest Buddhist temple for some we deserved meditation and prayers and on the way back I spent some quality time reconnecting, standing amongst the trees, observing the gentle breeze in the leaves, listening to the birds and totally clearing my mind.

Mother nature is so beautiful and she will share her beauty with you whenever you need it, she can be found on the corner of a busy street, under a shady tree set in the concrete walkway, or even in a simple window box of flowers, all we need to do is ‘Open our Eyes’ 🙂

Blessings Saymber, and thank you Mother Earth for bringing me home today,

Namaste, with Love



9 comments on “Taking Time Out in the Concrete Jungle of Shanghai

  • Mark I am grinning like an idiot from ear to ear right now and my heart is so full I’m about ready to cry. You found your piece of peace in all that concrete and flesh lol. I’m so so proud and happy for you! The pictures are so lovely too! SEE?!!! Lots of Mother around you. I know you can relate to this….sometimes being a blogger feels a lot like an echo chamber. Lots of love and light to you and I will be sharing this post today too because it’s perfectly in alignment with a subject I had chosen about a non-profit I found out about this morning called Retreet – they replant trees in towns devastated by storms!

  • Lovely pictures Mark and it looks like you have it all within reach despite the concrete. Perhaps someone has had the foresight to preserve some of ME (Mother Earth) surrounded by the advance of mankind! It is so true that Nature provides the essential calm to the Spirit especially if we take the chance to connect directly with the energies of our Beautiful Planet.
    Much Love, David

    • Thanks David 🙂 Yes indeed she does, Mother Earth ‘Always’ finds a way through the concrete and she will continue to do so despite the advances of mankind. I’m sure taking time out, even for a few precious moments helps us re-connect to our real selves, our consciousness and our divine spirit. Namaste my friend, with love, Mark

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