Tiredness, sleepless nights and headaches

Published 31/05/2016 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

Being a channel, a healer, and an empath; it is not always a life full of roses!

Some days you just go with the flow, everything comes easily, your life is full of abundance, all you have to do is set your intentions on something and along it comes, your days are filled with love, happiness, and joy and you lead a compassionate lifestyle in the service to ‘Source’, Humanity and Mother Earth’. And certainly for me; I get many up days and also many down days!

Some days I’m so tired I just want to sleep all day, even when I go to bed I’m constantly yawning, so much so that its hard to get to sleep as the tiredness is so overwhelming, I toss and turn as my being is filled with information, past lives flash before me, experiences are shown to me, connections to what I need to do tomorrow or in the future are paraded in front of me so I can recognise them when the time comes….

My head aches, I procrastinate, I multi-task without even realising I’m doing it, my tears flow like the flow of the Nile washing away the pains that are presented to me, people come and go, friendships come and go and relationships are a challenge at times because ‘We’ are difficult to understand. We try our best, we are loving and kind, we are considerate, compassionate and always available to all those in need…But and it is a large BUT….We are living in a human body and that takes its toll, we need to be loved, we need to love ourselves, we need like-minded people around us, we need Mother Nature so we can ground our energies, we need peace, we need kindness and most of all…We need understanding!

So as I come to the end of this short post my friends, I would like to send out my love to ALL my fellow Empaths, Channels, and Healers, may your days and nights be filled with Love, and may you be able to rest well and be well 🙂

Namaste with Love



6 comments on “Tiredness, sleepless nights and headaches

  • Yes, been there my dear friend … it is a great temptation to follow the gift to conclusion when we need to remember that we are no good to others or to ourselves unless we take care of number one! Pace yourself my friend by becoming aware and ultra sensitive not of those around you but of your own need to work and rest. God’s blessings on you in all that you do.
    Love David

  • I completely understand Mark…..now with the world in an increasingly elevated state of turmoil it’s not going to get much easier for us sensitive types. I am learning to honor what my body needs when it needs it. If I need a nap at an odd time, I take it because I know when I want to sleep I probably won’t be able to. I tend to sleep the best during the day – even though people are asleep at night they can be extremely loud and I don’t just mean my sleep walking/talking/snoring husband and loud dreaming dogs LOL!

  • Taken with the love it was shared with Mark, thank you.
    It is a big journey but I slowly realised, like all else, there was a balance in what I could do. So I just gave when I could, and rested when I could, and even said ‘no’ to the shock and horror of those around me. With integrity of course.
    But in those two little letters were a power within themselves, for it showed I was being loving to me, and in that I could then give from a much better place.
    It was difficult because of that urge to help all who came, but that was the test, to realise I am just as important, and in giving to myself I can be what is asked of me from others. I let go, and then attracted exactly what was needed, for me and for them.
    Blessings and light for this journey, you appear to be going through the change as an outcome of what you have experienced…and it will open your heart further to a wonder of more discoveries within.
    May it always be with the love that it is built on Mark. Namaste

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