Hollow Words Bring Us No Hope!

Published 27/07/2016 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

It’s been a while since my fingers touched this keyboard and my heart has spoken words to you!

I, like many others, have been lost for words as we watch the unfolding dramas of our 21st Century world, our so-called civilised societies which have been caught up in wars for no reason, and whole communities within these civilised societies turned against each other in the name of race/colour and religious belief.

As I look at all that has unfolded over this past year alone, I shed tears, tears for mankind, tears for our world and tears for our future. As we continue to look at each other with hatred in our eyes, it is like we are caught up in an elaborate computer game in which the players manipulate the drones to follow their lead, to fight and to die at all costs, and move on to the next stage of the game in search of more power and wealth!….Elaborate computer game….Is it our real truth?

……….Elaborate computer game….Is it our real truth?

As we become more fixated with games or war, of power, of seeking greater riches and strength, we lose track of who were are!….We no longer socialise face-to-face, we only communicate in a digital world, we have, or are certainly losing our abilities to communicate, to connect to others with empathy, to see the pain in someone else’s eyes and to understand their point of view, as we push forward relentlessly to reach our own goals…to win at all costs!

I see hundreds of innocent men, women and children mowed down as they watched the fireworks and celebrated a national days holiday, I see thousands of displaced men women and children forced from their own countries due to war, to the greed for control and power, I see innocent families held hostage in a Church and a Priest murdered….All for what!….

Where, my friends, does it end!….

We are all born into this world equal, we have no belief systems, no hatred and no goals to attain…life takes all on different journies, some of the beliefs we take on are good, and some are bad….it’s a flip of a coin which pathway we decide to take, what we choose to believe and how we choose to behave…!

Anyone who is not working towards the truth is missing the whole point of living!

Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, Your behaviour does!

My heart sends out love and compassion to all those in pain, to all those who are suffering and to all those who need some love in their life.

Namaste, with Love








11 comments on “Hollow Words Bring Us No Hope!

  • I too have suffered as have many of my ‘people’. Empaths of the world take on such large loads that they become blocked to protect their fragile psyche. I try to stand back but the pains and injustice draws me back in. It has been difficult to function some days. Thank you Mark and others here for caring about humanity, as we all should.

  • I know we need to ‘go though’ some tough experiences so that we empathize and understand our journey. And in doing so it will change us so that we can see who we are from different eyes and make changes accordingly.
    Like all fears, large or small, it will escalate until we face them to encourage us to make that change so that we will understand their meaning and release their grip.
    This world even on the larger stage of what is happening, cannot move forward until the deeper meaning of what is happening is faced and understood so that it can be released. Then, and only then can an understanding be reached with all parties and a peaceful resolution be obtained.
    My hope is that fear can be replaced with courage…a courage to step past what seems to be insurmountable, as all fears are, but in facing them, they lose their power over us.
    Thank you for sharing Mark, may your words generate more courage within us all 🙂

    • Thank you Mark for your very heartfelt words and for your encouragement for me to continue on my journey and to do all I can to help open the eyes, minds and hearts of mankind. Blessings to you my friend, Namaste, Mark

  • Mark you know I feel you on every word you say here. For us sensitive types, Empaths and the like, it’s extremely painful right now. What I am working on to “save myself” from sinking with the ship is reminding myself who the power, the light within me belongs to. To become more conscious of what people, places and things are worthy of my inner energy reserves…my light. For many years now, my husband and I have wondered if the negative media and all that is a way to feed a dark energy that feeds on the intense energy we generate when we get angry, feel intense sorrow etc. Such perfect devices have been created to generate levels of negative energy. This premise comes from fiction, an anime series we watched and have in our collection called Final Fantasy Unlimited. This is a link to the last episode when a character known as the Earl is revealed as the final boss…Chaos a being that survives on the energy of sorrow and dying worlds: https://youtu.be/KChsoerYvIQ

    • Its strange how darkness, negativity, and the want for more outshines the light!…But, as you and I know, once you enter into the light, the power is so much stronger and we realise the ‘Realities’ that the darkness and low frequencies are so fake and controlling in their nature. The powers that be, the corporations, and those who hunger for more power and more wealth are behind all of these myths, they drive war, the create tension and hatred and get us poor zombies to do their dirty work, this has been a fact of life for centuries and it takes great courage to step aside and move in a separate direction from the masses! Blessings to you my friend, Namaste, Mark

  • It sounds like you are becoming embroiled in the heartache, devastation and murder of so many across the globe my friend. As you well know we are in the world but we need not to become of the world! All any of us can do is to encourage a new spirituality of compassion and well-being in all, as although cognisant of what goes on around us we also at the same time need to step back as we think kind and well being thoughts, sending those vibrations out into the world around us. Love, David

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