Lost for Words!

Published 27/08/2016 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

I’m just lost for words!

I have been going through one of the most challenging times of my life and honestly I’m just lost for words……

Each day, for the last few months, I have wanted to put my fingers on this keyboard and spell out my feelings, to share with you what has been going on in my life, but when i go to do so, I’m just lost for words!

I cannot seem to conjure up the words that will make the sense of what my heart has been feeling, I cannot seem to express the brokenness of my heart through words alone, only tears can start to convey how I have been feeling.

Sometimes only my lovely dogs can understand, they come to me when I’m crying, they feel my pain and without any judgement, they lie by my side, no words are needed only their unconditional love, which is ‘Always’ there for me.

I look outside to the world that surrounds me, my family, my friends, and, sometimes I, see only me…The world continues on, I am just a blip on the landscape, a soul in transition, a source of energy that moves along with the movement of time, my life is my life, yes, people care for me but it’s my life and only I am responsible for it, only I can live it, only I can find the words to continue my way….

The world continues on, I am just a blip on the landscape, a soul in transition, a source of energy that moves along with the movement of time. My life is my life! Yes, people care for me, but it’s my life, and only I am responsible for it. Only I can live it, only I can find the words to convey how I feel, only I can feel the pain, only I ,…. Only I……..

As more tears run down my cheek, and, start to wash away my pain, only I can feel the hurt inside, only I can listen to my ego, only I,…. Only I….

Today is a new day, maybe today will bring me more joy….

Only I can make a difference, Only I can take away the pain….

Only I….

Namaste with Love




22 comments on “Lost for Words!

  • ❤ You are feeling multidimensionally. Bless your heart, Mark. You are NOT alone. WE are not… although we Energy Sensitives and empaths HAVE been isolated from one another. We do not have to be anymore, though. Look how many of us resonated with your post!
    And there is a global community of Energy Sensitives forming. right NOW, as well! If you feel resonance with the FREQUENCIES of those words (words alone are obsolete), then YOU are most welcome to get in touch with me. ❤
    Much Love/Light to you,

  • Hi mark thank you for writing it although you are going through so much pain. I can truly feel it. I am sending you a lot of light and energy.

  • What is causing your pain Mark? Whatever it is, please do try to write, which can become cathartic as the words tumble onto the page … tell us if you can without breaking any confidences what troubles you. Or print onto a blank page your pain and then let your written pain be consumed by flames. You know that a problem halved … is not really a problem at all but an opportunity to use your talents to heal. Sending healing energies your way. Love, David

  • Mark I understand completely what your going through. I’m going through a time like that right now and it’s been hard to want to write or do anything. For us it’s the cocktail of the sorrows/horrors/corruptions of the world stage and something as simple in our little smudge of a shared dimension…detoxing from too much sugar in our diets! Thank God for our heavenly ambassadors the dogs and cats right?! My fur family members are sometimes my only tether! We can do this Mark….we got this! Much love from our dimension to yours.

  • Hi Mark, I can only empathise with your journey. The only help I can give, is as you go through this, my main feeling, besides the total awareness around me and a very high emotional response, was the very strong detachment that went with it.
    I know this seems to be a contradiction, but as crazy as it sounds, I had never felt so close and so isolated all at once.
    And during this process, I also found my body (and mind), were adjusting to some very big changes that would send me on some very big emotional waves.
    It has been about 5 years now, and to be honest it has taken at least 4 of those to become what I now am. And in those 4 years I can only describe myself with one word….hatching 🙂
    I am now becoming quite used to what I have become, but there are so many things to now ‘see’ in my journey. It is like being suddenly put into a completely new place and allowing yourself to touch, feel and explore a whole new way of being.
    Enjoy the journey…and just breeeeeathe. I forgot to, quite a few times 😀

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