‘Wesak’ Another Painting from my Meditations

Published 29/11/2016 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

Here, is my latest painting, this one is entitled ‘Wesak’, Wesak is the birthday of Lord Buddha and I saw the image of the flowering Lotus and the monks surrounding the lotus; standing in awe and gazing intently at the beauty during its transformation from bud to flower. The image was very clear in my Third Eye during my meditation a week or so ago ,and I could not dismiss the opportunity of getting the image from my minds-eye and on to paper so to say. I

I hope you like it and gain something from its content?

Namaste with Love




2 comments on “‘Wesak’ Another Painting from my Meditations

  • I went to Lumbini in Nepal where the Lord Buddha was born, the pool is now concreted to make it last but the most amazing experience was in the Tibetan Temple nearby. As we sat in meditation I heard the words, ‘Welcome my children, you are here, you are here’
    It brought me to tears and the feeling was indescribable! That was in October 1997 and those feelings are with me still today November 2016. Love, David

    • A wonderful and unforgetable experience my friend, I too had an experience like this in Bhutan this year, I went to a very old temple and as I walked by the large statue of Lord Buddha I felt an amazing shock of energy as the Buddha connected directly to my Crown Chakra, I immediately froze as the energy of pure love engulphed my physical body, tears flooded from my eyes and compassion filled my heart, my Bhutanese Guide and Bhutanese Monk that were beside me also felt the flow of energy, I dropped to the floor in that exact position, I started to meditate as the tears continued to flow down my cheeks, I was unaware of the tears as the meditation was so deep, when I emerged from the meditation my guide and the Monk said they had never seen this before and I was truly blessed 🙂 This was one incredible experience and one I too will never forget. Namaste my friend, bless you 🙂 Love Mark

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