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How Is Your Time?

Published 17/11/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Published 25/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

do something good

Hey You, Yes You…If your could escape, where would you escape to?

Published 18/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit



Hi Everyone and Good Morning from not so sunny Shanghai where the pollution level today at 11:13am is stated to be 225 Very Unhealthy with health warnings of emergency conditions. The entire population is more likely to be effected. Actually I think the true reading at this time will be more like 400+ but who am I to say!


Anyway back to my post for today 🙂

I would love your feedback, your comments and your thoughts on this one please because I’m feeling lonely here in my apartment looking out at this grey polluted sky 😦

So Escape! If you could escape, escape to anywhere, real or fantasy, where would it be to and why?


In my case, I would escape to the mountains, to the forest to the trees where I could breathe the fresh mountain air, fill my lungs with invigorating fresh life giving air to feel the cool breeze and the gentle warmth of the sun on my face, to smell the grass, the sweet intoxicating scents of nature, the flowers, the herbs, the soil. To watch the birds dance in the air, chasing each other from tree to tree from branch to branch, to observe the butterflies and the bees as they go about their daily task of collecting natures goodness and helping spread the love from one flower to another. And, to sit in silence, to hear the quiet, the gentle rustle of leaves as they sway in the wind, the sound of water flowing in the steams and the distant splash of a fish jumping after dragonflies as they skim over the lake, far, far away from the madness of city life, from the life of constant drive, noise, selfishness and anger away from the fast lane of life to where we were all destined to be, with Mother Nature, with Gaia…Home 🙂



Please let me know where you would escape to and why 🙂

Namaste with Love



Sunshine Award

Published 04/12/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



A massive Thank You to Stacy at http://livewhatyouknow.org for nominating me for The Sunshine Award’, and a huge congratulations to her for her own nomination, of which is truly deserved. I have as always thanked the nominator in this case Stacy for her kind thoughts and my nomination but gracefully declined to take part in the acceptance process due to the time it takes to complete. I am however, always humbled by these award nominations and thank you all for deeming my site worthy.


Namaste with Love



My River, My Journey, My Life

Published 29/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

I’m far from being a poet or a writer but the following words just sprang from nowhere, they are from my heart you might say, or maybe from my higher self, who knows! But I guess its sort of my first attempt at poetry ☺ Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are always welcome my friends, and, as I have said before; if you need my help, would like me to write or comment on any particular subject or gain a response to anything, please let me know.

With Love

Water Flow

My River, My Journey, My Life

My life is like a river constantly flowing to a fro,
From rock to rock,
From pool to pool,
My journey is far and long,
From mountain top, to valley below,
Across the plains and to the sea.

Along the way I see many sights and experience many things, meet people from every culture, religion and status;
Some good some bad,
but each encounter allows me a chance to learn,
To feel,
To embrace,
To laugh,
To cry,
To love or to simply walk away,
It’s my choice what I decide to take on board with me on my journey and what to cast away from my boat.

I collect experiences and feelings as my journey continues,
at some points my boat is slowed by the lack of wind,
my progress is halted at times,
but things pick up as the wind of life changes my course,
my direction once again becomes clear and on I go,
pushing forward to new horizons.
Some days the clouds cover my pathway,
the storms effect my steering and my journey becomes unpleasant and often dangerous.
I take rest, I meditate, I re calculate my path,
the clouds part, the sun shines and the soft wind once again catches my sails and off I go again,
along the river of my life.

My River, My Journey and My life, goes with the flow

Does Yours?

Namaste with Love

If Only!

Published 23/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



How many times do we say ‘If Only’?

If only you knew!

If only you knew how much I truly want to be with you!

If only they would help me!

If only they would be kind to me!

If only you knew how much you hurt me!

If only they loved me!

If only I was like them!

If only I had that chance!

If only I was talented like them!

If only I was slim!

If only I was beautiful!

If only I could…..!

If only you knew how much I think about you!

If only I had told you!

If only it were true!

The list could go on and on…….But wait….What if!

The Gift is Yours


Come on my friends, stop saying ‘If Only’ and get out there and take control of your life, do the things you want to do, say the things you want to say, open up your heart and ‘Start Living’ your life 🙂

Life is so much better when were saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘I’m So Happy’

Namaste with Love



From Heart to Heart, Country to Country, World Peace is on the Way

Published 21/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

hearts light

May the love and light in our hearts glow ever brightly, lighting up the hearts of our brothers and sisters around the world, and may this bright light strengthen our compassion towards others and bring about peace, happiness and love on earth. May mother earth bear witness to our collective light and love and may God hear our roar. Allow then for our coming together as true brothers and sisters of humanity irrespective of our nationalities, our languages, our colour and our religious beliefs and let us speak once and for all from our hearts not from our minds, let our true love of peace prevail and bring upon a free flow of compassion to every corner of our planet, let us work together as one and bring our minds together to solve the problems of our world, allow this collective mind to bring about changes to our environment, take away the greed that has been with us for centuries the greed that fuels the fires of hatred, poverty and suffering for countless millions of souls in every country in our world whilst catering obsessively for the few. Let us clean up our cities, our countries, our rivers and oceans so that we and our children can enjoy the fruits of our labor for generations to come. We can make change and we will make change as long as we come together as one ‘Mankind’  : )

Lest we forget the great words from Barney the children’s dinosaur:-

I love you You love me 

We’re a happy family 

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. 

Won’t you say you love me too

I love you You love me 

We’re best friends like friends should be 

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. 

Won’t you say you love me too

I love you You love me 

We’re a happy family 

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. 

Won’t you say you love me too

I love you You love me 

We’re best friends like friends should be

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. 

Won’t you say you love me too

Namaste with Love




Published 12/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



Imagine yourself enclosed by a small space within traditional Japanese screens. In complete silence and isolation you examine in minute detail your entire life, especially important relationships like mother, father and siblings within the boundaries of the three strategic Naikan questions. Gradually over seven days of silence and deep introspection interrupted only by the Naikan therapist entering your space, bowing giving you food and drink and asking the three questions to the portion of your life you have been examining, piece by steady piece the meditator dismantles the ego that have hovered like dark clouds blocking the blue sky. Like awakening from a dream the meditator opens his/her eyes to the light of day. This is Naikan.

Naikan( From the Japanese Nai = Inner Kan= looking) is a therapy developed in Japan by Yoshimoto Ishin (1916 -1988). It was adapted from a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist practice of a meditation of deep introspection and self examination. Although the basic structure remains the same it has been further developed to be used in modern therapeutic settings.

There is emerging a palpable curiosity towards the Eastern and Buddhist psychology. With the emergence of the now evidenced based “Mindfulness” therapies (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapies etc) Naikan stands to be re-examined with energetic curiosity.

I must add a note of caution here. It is easy to confine the Mindfulness based therapies, of which Naikan belongs, to the therapist’s clinic. This would be a huge mistake. Naikan is essentially a way of life for everyone who wishes to live a more fulfilling and happy life.

Naikan is essentially a method of deep introspection. It is a way of examining one’s life from a different angle by asking strategic questions and arriving at a deep appreciation of life the way it is. The big mistake most people make with Mindfulness based processes is to expect the process to eliminate life’s problems. This is not the aim. After all, none of us are immune from life’s struggles or to put it in plain language: “shit happens”. What Naikan does is to help us look at life’s sufferings from a different angle – one of deep gratitude. It does this by radically placing us in front of our self-centeredness. When we do this a new energy begins to flow and we become better equipped to face life’s issues.


Naikan does this by asking three strategic questions:


 What have I received from person (or event) x?

 What have I given to person (or event) x?

 What troubles and difficulties have I caused to person (or event) x?


In Naikan we examine our entire life in minute detail from the time we were born to the present moment. We focus primarily or relationships rather than events as we are formed by our early childhood relationships and relationships in general. It is a Naikan principle that our mental health is based almost entirely upon how we relate with one another and our environment.


In Classical Naikan the client spends an intense seven day period in meditation on one’s entire life guided at regular intervals by the Naikan therapist. There are shorter versions of this process to suit the client’s schedule. It is often said that one of the “down sides” of Naikan is its intense seven day meditation. However, we must ask ourselves, what is seven days in what often has been a lifetime of struggle with certain issues?

Ideally Naikan is done with a “Naikan Guide” or therapist. However it can also be performed by oneself on a regular basis.

Gratitude in Naikan

The concept of “gratitude” plays a crucial part in Naikan. In Chinese the word for gratitude is “gan ji gan en”. The English word “gratitude” does not do justice to the Chinese words which convey a different concept. In our daily speech we can say we are “thankful” for something but still inwardly hold resentment or grudges. I can say “thank you” to someone for something even if that someone has annoyed me greatly. I do it out of politeness. The Gratitude in Naikan goes far beyond the concept of thankfulness. It is a realization of the “gift” of life and a sense of deep contentment with the way things “are”. . . an acceptance of the “is-ness” in all things. When we have this sense of deep gratitude we are free. Many say after Naikan they experience a feeling like a ton of bricks lifted off their shoulders. This is a happiness which goes beyond what “happens” to us.

Personal Responsibility

Naikan is a therapy and process that places responsibility squarely upon the individual challenged with their issues. Throughout the Naikan process the therapist will not give “advice” but guide the client to take responsibility for their own healing. In this process there is tremendous empowerment.


Much more

There is much more to Naikan than these few words can give justice to. Like all Mindfulness studies – they need to be experienced rather than didactically analyzed.

Smile, it makes you feel GREAT :)

Published 04/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Dance with My Father: Very Sad Video

Published 02/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

This is a really sad video, brought tears to my eyes within seconds but the message is very strong and very clear and this act was from the heart and brought pure joy to all 🙂

When it comes to making memories, why wait?


The 8 Awakenings

Published 02/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



Many people coming to test the waters of Buddhism for the first time often wonder where to start. There are literally hundreds of sutras with each school of Buddhism focusing on specific sutras that are at their foundation.


It is clear that Buddhism is about the issue of suffering and how to overcome it. Suffering takes on many forms from severe pain and illness and death to the petty annoyances that plague us on almost a daily basis. Buddhism teaches us to live a supremely happy and value centred life with the means to end the cycle of birth and death which is suffering.


The sutra of the Eight Awakenings is a very short sutra. In fact many Chinese monks used to learn this one by heart not only because of its brevity but also because it contained within it the essential of Buddhism.


I often call it the Mediators’ Sutra as it is a foundation sutra for all meditation work. It is well worth contemplating these Eight Awakenings carefully examining them in the light of your own life. I have included them here in their entirety.


Buddhist Disciples!  At all times, day and night, sincerely recite and bear in mind these eight truths that cause great people to awaken.


The First Awakening:

The world is impermanent. Countries are perilous and fragile. The body is a source of pain, ultimately empty. The five skandhas are not the true self. Life and Death is nothing but a series of transformations—hallucinatory, unreal, uncontrollable. The intellect is a wellspring of turpitude, the body a breeding ground of offenses. Investigate and contemplate these truths. Gradually break free of death and rebirth.


The Second Awakening:

Too much desire brings pain. Death and rebirth are wearisome ordeals, originating from our thoughts of greed and lust. By lessening desires we can realize absolute truth and enjoy peace, freedom, and health in body and mind.


The Third Awakening:

Our minds are never satisfied or content with just enough. The more we obtain, the more we want. Thus we create offenses and perform evil deeds. Bodhisattvas don’t wish to make these mistakes. Instead, they choose to be content. They nurture the Way, living a quiet life in humble surroundings —their sole occupation, cultivating wisdom.


The Fourth Awakening:

Idleness and self-indulgence are the downfall of people. With unflagging vigor, great people break through their afflictions and baseness. They vanquish and defeat the four kinds of demons, and escape from the prison of the five skandhas.


The Fifth Awakening:

Stupidity and ignorance are the cause of death and rebirth. Bodhisattvas apply themselves and deeply appreciate study and erudition, constantly striving to expand their wisdom and refine their eloquence. Nothing brings them greater joy than teaching and transforming living beings.


The Sixth Awakening:

Suffering in poverty breeds deep resentment. Wealth unfairly distributed creates ill-will and conflict among people. Thus, Bodhisattvas practice giving. They treat friend and foe alike. They do not harbor grudges or despise amoral people.


The Seventh Awakening:

The five desires are a source of offenses and grief. Truly great people, laity included, are not blighted by worldly pleasures. Instead, they aspire to don the three-piece precept robe and the blessing bowl of monastic life. Their ultimate ambition is to leave the home life and to cultivate the Path with impeccable purity. Their virtuous qualities are lofty and sublime; their attitude towards all creatures, kind and compassionate.


The Eighth Awakening:

Like a blazing inferno, birth and death are plagued with suffering and affliction. Therefore, great people resolve to cultivate the Great Vehicle, to rescue all beings, to endure hardship on behalf of others, and to lead everyone to ultimate happiness.


These are the Eight Truths that all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and great people awaken to. Once awakened, they even more energetically continue to cultivate the Path. Steeping themselves in kindness and compassion, they grow in wisdom. They sail the Dharma ship across to Nirvana’s shore, and then return on the sea of birth and death to rescue living beings. They use these Eight Truths to show the proper course for living beings, causing them to recognize the anguish of birth and death. They inspire all to forsake the five desires, and to cultivate their minds in the manner of Sages.


If Buddhist disciples recite this Sutra on the Eight Awakenings, and constantly ponder its meaning, they will certainly eradicate boundless offenses, advance towards Bodhi, and will quickly realize Proper Enlightenment. They will always be free of birth and death, and will abide in eternal bliss.




The Listening Buddha

Published 01/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Guan Shi Yin Bodhisattva is a central figure in Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. Her statue often adorns homes and businesses both of Buddhists, Taoists and ordinary folk often in the hope that lighting incense to her and making prostrations will prompt her to grant the requests and prayers of devotees. Her name in Chinese, Guan Shi Yin 觀世音 literally means the one who looks into the sounds of the cries of suffering. At first glance this seems to be grammatical incongruence as it implies a visual response to sound. One normally listens to sound, not look at it. The Chinese word 觀 guan, meaning to look around, look into, also implies a deep looking which examines all aspects of the object being observed. Here, I think, rests the key for us in our imitation of her qualities so often overlooked. It is the quality of deep and compassionate listening. When we listen deeply to another we enable a person to hear the murmur of their own soul and listen them into deeper healing. Herein lays the mystery of Guan Shi Yin.

Once a man came knocking at my door. He was eager to tell me all about his religion and why I should believe and have faith in it. I gently told him I was Buddhist. “So what does that mean exactly”, asked the man. “Tell me about this Buddhism. I mean for you to be saved. . . .” The man continued to passionately expound the benefits of his religion. This went on for some twenty minutes during which I listened carefully. As I was having to attend to other things I indicated that we needed to wind up the conversation. “Oh, but you didn’t tell me about your Buddhism” the man interjected. “I did” came my reply to a very puzzled look. “I listened.”

When we deeply listen to another we enter into their space and create a new space. It is a space of welcome and deep mindfulness to their very being. It is spiritual art and the chief tool for the peacemaker. When we do this we allow the other to place the colours of their words on a canvass so they can begin to see their inner world. If they do not like what they see they have the opportunity to change the story and see new colours, new shapes, new life. They become awakened to their story.

Today we have the opportunity to become the Boddhisattva Guan Shi Yin to others, to our children, to our loved ones, friends, the one we perceive as our enemy. When we deeply listen we plant the seeds of peace and open the way to healing and life.


Pressing the Reset Button

Published 31/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Pressing the Reset Button. A beautifully written article from a dear blogging friend of mine Sue Dreamwalker.

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I?



Most if not all of us have a TV set, and most people switch on the News.. My own home is no different, but one of the reasons I do not like watching the news is because 99% of the time it only reports Negative News items. These do not get shown once or twice throughout the day, but many times in one news programme as it repeats it over and over , ingraining in us those negative thoughts, which in turn affects our own vibration.

We all fall victim to the pressures our lifestyles demand, as we see the world under population pressures, economical collapse and we all know that our natural resources are running out.

On the surface it would seem the World is falling apart, as yet more troubles are reported in Egypt and yet more peace talks are on the agenda.. Wars and conflicts everywhere we turn. We hear all the time about natural disasters causing havoc, and we are all commenting upon our various weird weather changes as ever increasing storms ravage parts of the world bringing destruction and tragedy.

Are you depressed yet?
Have you switched off already from listening to me go on and on??

That’s why I reach for the remote and press the Off button to news, Not that I am not insensitive to the plight of the world, but because I choose not to dwell in the negative flow which bombards our homes hourly as we absorb and listen to the ever constant flow of tales of woe. When I know many Positives in fact far more are happening everywhere in every moment..

Every period in history when you look back has allowed us to alter our ways and change.. Many periods saw civil wars, plagues, world wars, and natural disasters on a scale that altered the weather patterns that brought about mini ice-ages .. Because we have achieved heights in technology does not mean we are super human beings immune to changes . Our world and the Universe runs in cycles, its constantly changing and so are we…

We are now nearly towards another end of a cycle during which our planets and our Earth change position in space . The Moon for example in its last cycle drew ever closer in orbit around us. Changes are also taking place in relationship to the Sun, as science is intent on watching what happens as solar flares erupt . All of which are having effects upon our planet which will ultimately lead to our weather and effect how we grow our own food, as places become dryer and others become wetter.

It’s not by chance in my opinion that the monetary collapsing of systems is also under threat. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to understand that we cannot live on credit. And all these number crunching figures are generated by computer with no real monetary value behind them.. So would it really make a difference if the world debt slate was wiped clean? One has to ask oneself just where and who are reaping in the rewards of global finance, when countries and states collapse and go bankrupt.

We have based our modern day lives on competing with each other , Bigger Profits, Under cutting, We only think “ What’s in it for us”, “ What can we get out of it” We have to be Winners or Losers… But what happened to equality, or sharing? Why cannot the Haves give more to the have nots?

My feelings are that we are each of us through our various experiences being given opportunities to alter our set ways.

We can if we want, choose to Press the Reset Button of our lives

People are now seeing this way of living cannot carry on. People are standing up for the Freedom and rights.. Woman’s rights are at long last being addressed and exposed as the Feminine Energies are released again as more corruption and injustices are revealed.. The Male energies which have dominated are now fighting back for survival as the Feminine cycle is about to come into its own.

We are becoming more health conscious, people are beginning to adapt and alter their life styles instinctively wanting simpler lives as interest again is being shown in growing our own food. Even schools now are teaching infants and encouraging and embracing nature within their curriculum. We are at last beginning to see how important recycling is and conserving energy.

We each of us have an opportunity to look at our choices and ask ourselves some serious questions.

What effects are my choices having on the world?

I keep saying it, WE are not separate, thinking we are alone, what affects one, affects another.

We have to understand everything is connected to everything else. One TV programme I do like watching is BBC 2 ‘A Night with the Stars’ Back in one episode Physicist Brian Cox shows us a diamond and explained that when rubbed, it shifted the atoms within it into different energy levels. He said

“ Every Atom in the Universe shifts as the diamond heats up’ so in fact every time an atom’s energy level changes and that happens all the time. ALL the atoms in the Universe change energy levels.. We are all connected via the Universal Laws. Bringing home to us the law of Cause and Effect.

Interconnectivity Brian Cox.. Video just One and a Half minutes long folks!


What effect are our choices having, and how can we help heal the world?

Instead of those thoughts of “ What’s in it for me”, How about Resetting your thoughts to “ What can I contribute to it”. When we help someone else we help ourselves.

We all need to look at our life styles and we each have to take a deep look in the mirror.

Don’t wait for tomorrow or for someone else to change..

BE the Change

When we give out, so too do we receive.

The Indigenous Peoples have long known we are all one… They have long known how to balance within Nature. Now it’s time to once again Honour each other, We may not be able to change how another thinks or acts.. But it’s time to Honour ourselves and learn to Reset our own Lives to live less separately but more interconnectively as we bring our communities to be more caring and united in their common goals of sharing with each other to sustainable projects that help bring us together, not drive us apart.

Is your Finger on your Reset Button?

~Blessings Sue~

Is your Meditation for Nothing?

Published 30/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Your Meditation is Nothing

If you can’t stand beside a friendless man
your meditation is nothing.
If you can’t listen to pain and terror then
your meditation is nothing.
If you can’t befriend the insane and share from their bowl
your meditation is nothing.
If you cannot take the gun gently from the hand of the murderer
and embrace him in his horror then your meditation is nothing.
If you cannot see the beauty and life in the one without limbs then
your meditation is nothing.
If you cannot sit beside the aged in their loneliness then
your meditation is nothing.
If you can’t embrace your own pain and shout “Yes!” to Life then
your meditation is nothing.

If you can surrender all that you are, all that you have,
if you can embrace life without wanting it or wanting to change it,
if you can hear the sounds of pain and joy and know they come from the same source,
if you can sit in the fire, rain, snow, sun and in surrender open your heart
to the purity of love then your meditation is the supreme gift of the Manu Pearl, the light of the Pure Land.

If you can meditate the Nothing knowing your meditation is nothing then
all serenity and bliss radiates like perfume from the Lotus.
Nothing and all are one in Joy.


Lesson of Time-Karma

Published 29/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


I found this image really fascinating and it got me thinking about Karma again. We often forget the old saying ‘What goes around, comes around’ or ‘Karma’ as it is better known in the east. We carry on with our busy daily lives, constantly pushing forward; our days and nights tracked by the clock, no time to think, no time to eat, no time for exercise, no time for anyone or anything else except for our need to succeed.
We trudge along day in day out forgetting about others as we push headlong towards the life of greatness that we all believe we need. I’m sure you also see this going on either with yourself or by people around and close to you….

But for what?

What is important to you?… take a few moments to think what is really important to you and your life, is it achieving the highest grade possible at school or university, getting the perfect job,earning as much money as possible each month, having the biggest office, the biggest house, the fantastic car, affording to dine at the finest restaurants, buy the fanciest of clothes, take the perfect vacation…or is it your life…your health….your family…your loved ones…your friends…..?

When was the last time you actually did some good? when did you last volunteer your services for free, when did you last hold a child with physical or mental needs, go to a hospice and sit with the patients, knock on an elderly neighbours door and see if they need anything, give up your seat on a train or bus for someone in more need of it than you….

When was the last time you did some good?

Take a few moments to think about Karma, ‘What goes around, comes around’…..

Living your life to the full does not mean reaching the highest place in school or business, it is not measured in how much money you have in the bank or how many precious things you possess….Living your life to the full is also about giving, giving a few moments from your busy day to someone or something else in need.



Maintaining Equilibrium in a New World Rising

Published 28/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


This is a beautifully written post by a blogging friend of mine Christina @ http://thegoldenheartdialogues.wordpress.com

Please enjoy

As we emerge as divine humans we are provided an opportunity to leave the false and self-destructive realties behind us. Or you might say beneath us. We are merging with our infinite selves, the ones who are gleefully existing in the new world rising. The world that has no clocks or rigid infrastructure. At this moment we are being encouraged to rapidly shift. There is no such thing as a “time for processing,” as all is moving exponentially fast. Many are now making peace with their unified self. The Higher Self is now apparent and showing up in our lives to provide a steady balance merging our equal parts, higher, mid and lower.

The purpose of our Higher Self is to assure that we triumph over our tiny self. The light within the channel of our Higher Self holds a wellspring of knowledge. This wellspring contains our finest assets and serves as a reserve for our personal insights and inner wisdom. It is the place for our sustenance.

“I am not enough” is a misconception of the lower self. The Higher Self is one with All That Is. The misnomer, I am not enough, is found within the self-judgment of this mis-identity. It lives in the realm of insecurity as in, I am less than. For example, observing the svelte, bronze tanned, youthful person on the beach, only ennobles one’s mistaken identity, reminiscent of a time when one was model-picture-perfect. These are the common misidentified thoughts of a self who says in their mind, “I once looked like that. And now I don’t, so I am not enough.” When one observes from this perspective they are aligning to their perceived imperfections. It is the lower self that fuels this false identity.
When one identifies with the Higher Self, the true self, they are less apt to put themselves through self-inflicted misery, spawning a self-defeating reality. The smaller, lesser view one has of them self, the tinier they become. When we become our largest self, we are capable of living a new reality. We are not our ego self in all of its self-absorption, rather we are a higher version of our self, strong, certain, confident and content.

We finally free ourselves from the bondage of our erroneous imaginings. We are set free from conjured up thoughts derived from the imprint and markings of a false facade and lingering projection not belonging to us in the first place. We are born to fulfill our highest potential. We are destined and endowed with the gifts to be our very best. This destiny became over clouded and provoked by both an inner and outer influence. One begat the other. Our ego became embroiled with the outer foolery promoting our insecurities, rather than building our finest qualities.

Time is an illusion designed to circumvent one from freedom and to separate one from their being-ness. The clock defines our very movement and disrupts our innate and simplistic state. When one operates in the un-defined moment they are more able to live fully. In the limitless flow of no-time one has access to unlimited possibilities and potentialities. In recent years an indigenous tribe in Latin America was found to be living in no-time. They had no concept of linear time. They were, uncontrollable. Their good fortune was living this holistically in their natural environment. Time insinuates a construct that forms one’s reality. Without time it is less likely one would shape oneself into a false reality.

The Higher Self lives in no-time. The lower-self lives in linear time, constricted and naturally vulnerable to lower thoughts and influences. We have been passed the task of rectifying these opposites throughout our lives. We are here to regain our foothold on an earth that is in transition. Much is transpiring and we are succeeding at this endeavor even though it may not appear so. Consult your Higher Self again and again. Use the technology bestowed to you from the onset. We are in the midst of our illumination. Prolific knowledge resounds from within. Choose your highest thoughts and stroke the genius within you. Maintain your equilibrium in unison. Encourage others, as they would encourage you. Be the light in a new world rising.

A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher copyright, 2013

Amazing what can de done with trash :)

Published 27/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Beauty and amazing things can come from anywhere if you have love and passion in your heart 🙂

Enjoy the sweet sounds.


Coming Together to Save our World

Published 26/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Were in the year of our Lord 2013 (that’s 2,013 years since the death of Christ) a time in which all time relates, give or take a few years due to local cultures and religious beliefs such as the Mayan calendar and the Nongli Calendar etc..


and our world is still surrounded by War, Famine, Racial conflicts, Political Conflicts, Religious conflicts,territorial conflicts, extreme poverty, homelessness, Greed, Disease, Genocide, Environmental catastrophes one after another, pollution on land and sea, ego and money driven companies raping and pillaging what ever they can through their business ventures and driving down their costs through the exploitation of their employees and their suppliers which in turn puts many small companies out of business and places many poorly paid employees either out of work or on benefits which are then paid for by our taxation, which then in turn helps these huge corporations make even higher annual profits and allows their CEO’s and top executives to have even higher salaries, bonuses and gain even more power in this world!




Why oh why do we find it so hard to come together as human beings? We are after all; all connected, we are all related, we are brothers and sisters of this world, we have unfortunately just forgotten these facts! We are so caught up and too busy with our own lives, our own thoughts, our own desires and pushing forward for our own benefit that we forget that we are one and we were meant to work together for the greater good of all!


Together we can make a difference to our world, we can help raise awareness to the problems in our local area, to our local region, to our country and to other countries throughout the world. We can come together to form peace, we can come together to eradicate poverty and make sure everyone in this world has the basic necessities of life; safety, food and shelter, we can come together for the benefit of humanity and clean up our planet so we have a safe and healthy environment for future generations to survive and to live in…We can make a change! but in order to make this change we MUST come together, we must forget the past, we must transgress over politics and religions and come together as human beings. This transformation can start with one voice, one voice becomes two, two voices become three and so on and with compassion and love in our hearts we can make change.

The basic necessities of life being Safety, shelter and food should be easy enough to do, if we can come together and force the powers at be in each country to stop all their BS (Bull S**t), stop wasting our money on their own political and personal power games and on their mansions, multiple holiday homes, fancy cars and yachts and start paying back to humanity for all they have in their lives. If each of them gave only 1% of their annual income or accumulated wealth, we could radically change this world, we could end starvation and start to bring about real change.

I’m not an activist by any means, I am a really peaceful, spiritual person who dearly cares for this world and for all humanity. I would like to see change happening during my lifetime and really see the start of something special, the change towards compassionate living and love towards all our global brothers and sisters.


One day and one person at a time and we can change this world 🙂

Namaste _/\_

A Question for you?

Published 25/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

3D Character and Question Mark

At the start of each day after waking up I always look up at the sky from my bedroom window and give my silent thanks to the world for what I have in my life, I bless my family, friends, business and clients I then go through to my kitchen and make smoothies for my wife and I, I wonder through to my home office and check my emails whilst drinking my delicious and very healthy smoothie. After checking emails I then meditate for about 10 minutes, I concentrate on my breath, focus my mind and think of what are my most important tasks that need to be completed today, I also take time to think about what I did yesterday, what decisions I made, were they in my best interest, what good did I do for my family, my friends and my business and what good did I do for humanity at large, I.e did I smile at people on the street, did I give a helping hand to anyone, did i provide encouragement or counselling to anyone…Did I make a difference to anyone’s life!

At the end of my session this morning I thought…What if I was given Carte Blanche, What if I had the money and the power to make a change to this world…What would I do and Would I be Up to the Job?

I’m sure these very questions have popped up in your minds too, so what would you do and do you think you would be up for the job?

I would be interested in your thoughts and areas that you would target first.

Namaste _/\_



Published 24/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Anger will never

disappear so long as

thoughts of

resentment are

cherished in your mind.

Anger will

disappear just as

soon as thoughts of

resentment are





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