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Please Watch this if you Love Animals. Video Warning

Published 17/05/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

My dear friends,

Please Read this before watching the video and please don’t show your children!

I have been posting a series of beautiful images of my walk through the gardens of Leshan recently that bring serenity and peace to many of my blog followers and I have received so many beautiful and loving comments regarding the images and what they have brought to the viewers of my posts and I do aim to come back to them after this VERY IMPORTANT POST!

I watched this and was completely shocked, I live here in China, China is my life and I love almost everything about China, its people, its culture, its history, its entraprenurialism, its drive, its determination to win, its medicine…everything.

This is not about China it is about the trade, the greed and the need to wear these items as articles of fashion, as a status of power and wealth that drives this industry and this utter madness and downright cruelty!PLEASE BEWARE and BE WARNED that this video will shock you, it made me CRY BIG TEARS and I urge you, my friends to help stop this trade in cruelty.

Every creature on God’s earth deserves respect, they deserve our love and our care, we are, and, should be one with nature, here on earth!

Please don’t purchase any fur garments, trinkets or accessories and share this video with anyone who cares and wants to see change!





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