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Freezing Homeless Child (Social Experiment)

Published 25/02/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

Please take a few moments to watch this short video and think about what you see, it literally broke my heart to see literally hundreds if not thousands of people in New York walking past this young boy in the freezing cold of day with no one stopping to see how he was, let alone offering him any help. Until the one homeless man walked up and offered not only help in the form of his own coat, but also the little money he had whilsy he also offered his advice and comforting support for what he saw in this young boy!

I love the words of this homeless man…“Im homeless too and We got to look out for one another”

Remember my dear friends “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody”!

Let’s together make changes to our world, let’s bring humanity back together where we actually care for one another, where we don’t chase money and things, where we don’t turn our backs on the needy, where we start loving one another and we listen to each other with the intent to understand…

We can make a difference, we can make change happen…but we have to stand up and say…… “I will”

Namaste with Love



You Have Two Hands, Please Use Them Wisely!

Published 03/04/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


This is such a true statement ‘ As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others’

I just wish more people would use both hands in this way, however the majority use both hands for themselves 😦

A helping hand can bring so much joy to the giver and the receiver, a helping hand offered to someone in need can make the world of difference to their life/s.

We can make a difference to people less fortunate than ourselves, all we need to do is open our hearts and offer one hand in support to someone who needs our help.

Namaste with Love


Red Cross and Your Donations

Published 19/03/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

You know the feeling and the wondering…I wonder where my money went that I donated to charity…well, here is one example 🙂

Please don’t stop giving just because you are unsure where your hard earned cash goes, there is still hope left in our world and together we can make a change 🙂


Do they know it’s Christmas

Published 24/12/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

Do they know it’s Christmas…Please click on the Youtube video link below and watch the Band Aid video from 1984, listen to the words again, they are still very relevant today.

My tears tonight are very real and the hurt in my heart is still as strong today as it was back in 1984 when I first heard this song….How long can we let this go on?








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