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Wow….Let this little girl open your mind to her world, which should be our reality!

Published 08/11/2015 by inspiringyourspirit

My Dear Friends,

Please watch this very short video, words of wisdom for her parents and I believe for our world, this message as she said comes directly from her heart, she said her heart is empty and everyone in the worlds heart is empty!

We need everyone, including her to be happy, to be as good as possible, nothing else!


Namaste with Love



How Great Thou Art a Tribute to My Dad

Published 13/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the passing into heaven of my Dad John. This Hymn How Great Thou Art was one of his and my dear mum’s favourites and it’s a fitting tribute to how Great he was too.

Dad, you will ‘Always’ remain in my heart and my memories of you are Joyous and Happy.

With Love ‘Always’


Fond and Happy Memories of a Great Man ‘Gentleman John’..My Dad

Published 13/01/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Dad at 81

Dad, today like everyday we are thinking and praying for you, but this day is special because it marks the 1st anniversary of your passing to a higher and more enlightened place and although the loss of you from our physical lives is still hard to deal with, your gentleness, compassion and humanity remains with us each and everyday, Dad you made me what I am today and I will ‘Always’ be forever grateful to you for the light you gave me throughout our physical time on earth together, you touched me every single day of my life, by words, by thought and by your loving energy.. R.I.P with the love of your life Marion ‘Mum’, you will ‘Always’ remain in my heart.


Namaste and Love
x x x Mark

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