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Turning Your Fears Into Actions For Good

Published 10/12/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Fear of failure, fear of loosing face, the fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, the fear of success….Whatever fears you face in your life it’s now time for you to face them.

FEARS best

There are literally millions of labels we can place on words and call them fears, as in the image above, the list is endless and different fears attack each and every one of us, and we react to these fears in different ways.


Every time we turn our backs on a fear and try to fight it, it becomes a pointless exercise and waste of our time, because fighting our fears places us in a ‘battle’ with that fear forever, whilst facing these fears will give us ‘freedom’ forever.

Our minds play tricks on us all the time, ‘the devil in our head’, ‘our sub conscious mind’, our Ego’s’ constantly chatter to us laying doubts on our ability to achieve, playing reference to things that have gone wrong in the past, and nagging us to stop right there and give up!…”Don’t be stupid, you know you will fail”, “It’s no point you doing that because no one will listen to you”, “Ah, they are just begging because they are too lazy to work so don’t give them your money”, “It’s not your problem, don’t get involved or it will end in tears, “Leave your job, are you stupid”, “Your not smart enough or worthy enough to do or go somewhere”……..How many of you have had these thoughts go through your head?


Strategies for Overcoming Fear

  1. Acknowledge the fear. Whether it’s imagined or real, the first step in overcoming fear is to admit that it exists. We all have fears; it’s human nature. Denying or ignoring them doesn’t make them go away.
  1. Analyze it. Where does it come from? Is it real or imagined? Can it be put in a different context? For instance if you think it through to its logical conclusion, what’s the worst that can happen to you? Once you’ve determined what that might be, ask yourself if you can deal with, or overcome it. More often than not, once you go through the process of analyzing it, the fear isn’t as scary as you originally imagined.
  1. Face it. Allow yourself to feel it, and then do it anyway. Act in spite of your fear and treat is as a challenge for personal growth and an opportunity to become stronger.
  1. Be persistent. Do the thing you fear over and over again. By doing it repeatedly it loses its power over you and you become less vulnerable to it.
  1. Develop courage. Sometimes the answer may not be to conquer a particular fear; it may be to develop courage. If you focus too much on any one fear instead of trying to build courage, you may in fact, intensify it. By developing courage you build self-confidence and resilience. You also build a healthy approach towards facing all fear.

Our fears of failure can limit us and keep us from living the life we want to. When we inevitably experience rejection or disappointment, we have to be hardy in our way of coping with these struggles. Overcoming our critical inner voice can be a vital step in becoming more emotionally resilient. We can learn skills to become hardier, and we can face challenges with fewer internal setbacks. Yet, the first step in taking on this new confidence is shedding the baggage of our past, the critical inner voices that falsely feed our fears of failure.

If you have chance look at a child, an elderly person or someone who is really poor, observe their behaviours and take note of how they live their lives.

And like Derek says


Corrupt Governments, The Rich Getting Richer, War for the sake of Greed, Starvation for Many

Published 24/10/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

lao tzu quote 600

Lao Tzu wrote this quote around 2,500 years ago and here we are in the year 2014 and we still allow humanity and our world to be controlled by the few. Corrupt governments, greedy politicians, corporate greed at the expense and exploitation of their workers, obscene amounts of waste, our natural resources raped and pillaged to fill the pockets of the elite, war raging around our world in the so called name of freedom, our oceans, rivers and fields laid to waste….When will we ever learn?

Namaste with Love

The Big Club, Only The Elite Few May Join!

Published 01/07/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

Owned & Operated.

Hi Everyone, If you have not seen this video then please take the time to clear 1 hour and 40 minutes from your schedule, it’s so worth it and it tells some hard facts about our world and how we are being manipulated and controlled.

Please take the time, I promise, you will be enlightened and it will be time well worth spending for your future.

The Big Club, Only The Elite Few May Join!

• Nobody tells me what to do or say!
• We don’t want intelligent people; we want obedient workers who do what they are told!
• We are taking from working families who are struggling to survive taking hundreds of billions of dollars and giving it to millionaires and billionaires!

The crisis, especially now is a crisis of human consciousness, a crisis that cannot anymore accept the old norms. It seems to me, though man has cultivated the external world and has more or less mastered it; inwardly he is still as he was.

During the video a reporter asked a question of a New York Trader re the recent global economic disaster, as follows:-

• Reporter: ‘Can you pin down exactly what would make investors happy and make them feel more confident’?
• Trader: “Ahh, that’s a tough one, umm, see I’m a trader, I really don’t care about that kind of stuff, I go with….., If I see a opportunity to make money, I go with that, so, for the most traders its not about!!. We don’t really care that much how they are going to fix the economy, how they are going to fix the whole situation, our job is to make money from it!
What!…Come on, this is still happening people! We are still trusting these same people and same companies to run our lives, take our money and control or future and our demise!

• There are none who are so enslaved as those who falsely believe themselves to be free!
• Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world….for indeed, that’s all who ever have!
• You exist but do you live?
• Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something that’s broken; maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better!
• Our species is so divided………
• The earth is the common heritage for everyone to share, not for us all to just dive in and take what we want, but for us to intelligently manage our planet!

The future rests in our hands, YOURS and MINE! It’s what we do that will make and define our future.

What will YOU do to save the Earth today?

We need to use the power of ‘Empathy’ to connect our world together as one voice for Earth 1 Voice for Humanity.

Namaste with Love

Why Oh Why Are We Allowing This To Happen?

Published 17/03/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

Our natural world, our forests, our oceans and our wildlife is disappearing fast, all in the name of consumerism, we the consumers are allowing these corporations to destroy our would, our children or their children will not have the privilege to know what wildlife is, they will not know what a rain forest is, they will not know what a Rhino, a tiger or an Elephant is! These beautiful creatures like the Dodo will be forgotten forever and placed in some sort of electronic history book…. a picture of time gone by…another beautiful animal lost forever!

Its a sad, sad world we live in, that we allow ourselves to look at images or video’s like this and do nothing!

Tears are in my eyes

Namaste with Love to all living things

Progress, when and where did it all go wrong!

Published 20/02/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


We all want progress in our lives,
we need it to drive us forward to a better way of living,
new technology brings us greater efficiencies and economies of scale,
but progress is not always great,
it can bring about sadness,
poverty for some and riches for others,
it can stamp out communication abilities whilst increasing our connections,
it can bring about loneliness whilst making more cyber friends,
it can take us away from nature but bring us more pictures
…where will it end and will it be Progress for all and will it include our environment?

Just a thought!

Namaste with Love

If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other.

Published 27/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


Oh Mother Theresa, you were certainly a saint and very attuned to the problems of our world. Yes, I agree, we have forgotten that we belong to each other, we are all of one world, one humanity and one real race all going back to one couple right at the start of humanity. We forget this simple thing because we see each other as different, different colours, different countries, different religions, different cultural beliefs, different languages spoken, different political control, different ways of life…just different!…But, we are ONE and the SAME!

I notice political spin happening all the time, one country blaming the next for whatever, one political power challenging another using whatever excuse to gain more control, control natural resources such as oil, gas and god forbid water, gain more power, one country using its strength to control another country or countries, using that might to frighten and manipulate the powers that be to do as they say; total control over what we do, what we buy, what we think, how we control! You know; George Orwell was not far wrong in his book 1984!

I wish, just wish that we could ‘Wake Up’!
Wake up to the fact that we are all one and the same, we are all connected, we are one humanity and we are being controlled by the powers that be, within our countries, by our politicians and by the corporate elites, these groups and individuals have the control, they manage our lives with total control…We like to think we are free, most of us think we live in the land of the free….but do we? How much freedom do we actually have?

We need to really wake up and smell the roses, take a long hard look at our world, take ownership as indivduals to do something, something to change our world, to bring about peace in our lifetime, we can do it! We can bring about change and we can gain back the control.
In the words of the song ‘A change is gonna Come’ by Sam Cooke;

I was born by the river in a little tent
Oh and just like the river I’ve been running ever since
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will
It’s been too hard living but I’m afraid to die
Cause I don’t know what’s up there beyond the sky
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will
I go to the movie and I go downtown
Somebody keep telling me, “Don’t hang around”
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will
Then I go to my brother
 And I say, “Brother, help me please”
But he winds up knockin’ me
Back down on my knees
Oh there been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
But now I think I’m able to carry on
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will
I believe that together we can Make Change Come.

Namaste with Love

What does your reflection say about you?

Published 10/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit



Me or We?

Self or Selfless?

I or Us?

Do you consider others or just yourself?

Money for me or money for us!

For the benefit of me or for the benefit of us!

I’m ok..So who cares about them!

My country is safe…they are not my problem!

I have food on my table so…….

My house is warm and dry so……

My water is clean and safe to drink so……

My children are safe so……

My children are at school and being educated so…..

I can sleep at night safely so…..

Many people all around OUR world are not safe tonight, they won’t have shelter to protect them from the storm and keep them warm and dry, they wont have food on their table and clean safe water to drink, tomorrow their children wont have a school to go to, no education available and they will be in FEAR for their lives…Can they get through another long cold night and if so, can they make it safely through another day of torture and torment!

Be mindful of what you have in your life, give thanks for all you have and remember ‘life is good for some, but not for all’!

Namaste with Love



Banks, Financial Institutions and Corporations, Do they care about us?

Published 12/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends,

I have been pondering whether or not to write this post! As you know my posts are not by-on-large confrontational, they have no political bias and are generally talking about spirituality, joy, happiness, peace, the environment and all those good things in life, However, I am becoming more and more disgruntled, more unhappy with our world and in the way in which a) we are governed, b) by whom we are governed and c) the way in which we are treated by banks, financial institutions and corporations all around the world.

I would like to share a short story with you, a true story, which came to me in the form of a letter I received on Saturday, a letter from my bank Nat West. (National Westminster Bank Plc, commonly known as NatWest, is the largest retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom and has been part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group since 2000. The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) is ranked among the top 10 largest banks in the world by assets. NatWest was established in 1968 by the merger of National Provincial Bank (established 1833 as National Provincial Bank of England) and Westminster Bank (established 1834 as London County and Westminster Bank). Source Wikipedia if you would like more information. The letter started off by stating that NatWest had decided they had recently taken the decision to discontinue providing banking services to customers who reside in certain overseas countries! And, that as their records indicate that I reside in China, so they are therefore notifying me that they will be closing my existing account(s). They also go on to say that ‘This is in no way intended to offend any customer, etc. etc. And I had just 60 days from the date of this letter to find alternative banking services and transfer my funds, establish new banking processes etc.!…Wow, I thought, I have been with this bank for 30 years, as both a personal customer and for many years a corporate business customer, I use it regularly, my children rely on it for me to send they money and although I live and work in China, I do have plans to return to the UK one day soon…So, I thought I would call the helpline as stated within the letter and after approximately 15 minutes on hold listening to poorly recorded music and continued messages thanking me for my patience, a lovely lady answered my call. I gave her the details in the letter and she replied, I’m sorry Sir, there is nothing we can do about it, the decision has been made!…….How can these banks make this sort of decision, especially when we have been loyal customers for 30 years, our feelings and plight did not come into their consideration or for that matter any concern for us and the troubles made to us because of ‘Their Decision’!….

Now, as I said at the beginning of this post, I am not confrontational and I do not as a rule speak out about this sort of wrong doing…But Hey, enough is enough, I have paid my fees and charges, as set by the bank each and every month, year in, year out with no thanks and not even a thanks for your business and loyalty Sir for the past 30 years of Banking with NatWest etc….

So, once again, the decision has been made, certainly not one in my best interest and I’m sure not in the best interests of others who are in the same boat as I. This decision has been made to save money…I mean make more money and yet just another bad decision made by the Bankers, ‘did I say that right?’…for their benefit only….They talk about ‘Brand Loyalty’..but what about ‘Customer Loyalty’?

My Dear Friends, I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter and your stories….

It’s time for change, change in our favour…not just in favour of the elite, the rich, the corporations and the governments controlled by the former.

A few words of I think sanity from Russell Brand “We can all contribute ideas as to how to change our world; schoolboys, squaddies, hippies, Muslims, Jews and if what I’m describing is naive then you can keep your education and your indoctrination because loving our planet and each other is a duty, a beautiful obligation. While chatting to people this week I heard some interesting ideas, here are a couple.

We could use the money accumulated by those who have too much, not normal people with a couple of cars, giant corporations, to fund a fairer society.

The US government gave a trillion dollars to bail out the big five banks over the past year. Banks that have grown by 30% since the crisis and are experiencing record profits and giving their execs record bonuses. How about, hang on to your hats because here comes a naïve suggestion, don’t give them that money, use it to create one million jobs at fifty grand a year for people who teach, nurse or protect.

These bailouts for elites over services for the many are institutionalised within the system, no party proposes changing it. American people that voted, voted for it. I’m not voting for that.

That’s one suggestion for the Americans; we started their country so we owe them a favour now things are getting heavy.

Here’s one for blighty; Philip Green, the bloke who owns Top Shop didn’t pay any income tax on a £1.2bn dividend in 2005. None. Unless he paid himself a salary that year, in addition to the £1.2bn dividend, the largest in corporate history, then the people who clean Top Shop paid more income tax than he did. That’s for two reasons – firstly because he said that all of his £1.2bn earnings belong to his missus, who was registered in Monaco and secondly because he’s an arsehole. The money he’s nicked through legal loopholes would pay the annual salary for 20,000 NHS nurses. It’s not illegal; it’s systemic, British people who voted, voted for it. I’m not voting for that.

Why don’t you try not paying taxes and see how quickly a lump of bird gets thrown in your face. It’s socialism for corporate elites and feudalism for the rest of us. Those suggestions did not come from me; The first came from Dave DeGraw, the second Johann Hari got from UK Uncut. Luckily with organisations like them, Occupy, Anonymous and The People’s Assembly I don’t need to come with ideas, we can all participate. I’m happy to be a part of the conversation, if more young people are talking about fracking instead of twerking we’re heading in the right direction. The people that govern us don’t want an active population who are politically engaged, they want passive consumers distracted by the spectacle of which I accept I am a part.

If we all collude and collaborate together we can design a new system that makes the current one obsolete. The reality is there are alternatives. That is the terrifying truth that the media, government and big business work so hard to conceal. I believe in change. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty because my hands are dirty already. I don’t mind giving my life to this because I’m only alive because of the compassion and love of others. Men and women strong enough to defy this system and live according to higher laws. This is a journey we can all go on together, all of us. We can include everyone and fear no one. A system that serves the planet and the people. I’d vote for that.”

Well said Russell, I’d vote for that too!

Namaste with Love



Do you need to be White, American, Heterosexual, Gay, Black, Religious, Democrat, Republican or just mad to get freshly pressed on WordPress?

Published 02/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Well, I guess I do qualify for at least three of these and I am not going to share with you which three 🙂

Finding a voice on WordPress or any other form of social media is somewhat difficult, you may have or may feel you have a strong message or inspiring information to share with your fellow bloggers and the world, but unless you are noticed then, your message/s stay close to home.


In my case, home is Shanghai China, I am not Chinese but I have lived and worked here for many years, I do love China, it’s people, its customs and it’s long history, sadly it is changing, some say for the better and some say for the worse, China is a land of great diversity and its history and culture has led to some of the greatest inventions in the world, the creativity of its people is amazing…but…of course there has to be a BUT…it’s going crazy…everyone is driven 24 x 7 to change, to work every hour of the day 7 days a week in order to earn more, buy more STUFF….the Stuff that is purchased each and every day in every country within our beautiful world….This Stuff, portrayed to us as life changing, a must have, you cannot survive without it etc…Hype, Marketing, sales promotions etc…..but to what end?


If i travel to more remote parts of China and the same in other countries in Asia,, the Americas or Europe I see with my own eyes communities that do not have much ‘Stuff’, they live  on a very small income, often farming their own small plots of land, living off what they grow and living happy lives, they ‘SMILE’ and they ‘GIVE’, these people we may say ‘do not have anything’ (No cars, no flat screem TV’s, no iPhones, no laptops, no LV, Gucci or Prada bags’, their children have hand made clothes or hand-me-downs, they use old tools to work their land with no modern machinery and they don’t every eat ‘Fast Food’, but these people are happy, they have smiles on their faces and they are mostly healthy, and if you were to visit them, they will hold out their hands and greet you warmly, they will share their food and give you shelter….



Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not utopia, some of these people do struggle, often their family is broken up when a son or daughter goes off to the city in search of fame and fortune, or when the father goes off to the growing coastal cities to work in construction and send back the majority of his monthly salary to help keep his family….but when you see these family’s together, there is happiness 🙂 There are true smiles of joy, you can hear the laughter but you can also sometimes see ‘greed’ in a glint of an eye…This greed is brought on by the media, through advertising, through the messages sent to mobile phone and tablets every second of every day…..Who are you if you don’t have this?…If you want a girlfriend or boyfriend you must wear this or do that?…If you want to be seen you must go here?……The latest iphone is here..Oh Joy..give me your hard earned cash even though the one you have is only 3 months old?……..Oh your laptop is slow and wont run this program….Buy another, it’s easy and I will help you buy it with an easy payment plan?….

And on and on it goes…..

Media madness driving us crazy, pushing us to by more STUFF each and every day, our hard earned money being wasted time and time again, our cupboard full with clothes that we never wear, our homes full of technology that is still perfect but never used, our cars filled with more gadgets and gizmos that we don’t need or understand…..but we continue to buy without a thought!

The fat cats of industry get fatter, their yacht’s get bigger, their private jets faster and more luxurious and their office ivory towers more grand, all driven by the media, by hype and the fear factor….unless you have IT…You are a nobody!


My dear friends, I generalise and I am not against profit, or against the media or industry because we do need these things in our world, but at the same time we need some sanity, some realisation of what goes on in our neighbourhood, our cities, our country and in other countries around the world, we need to be aware of the hardships our brothers and sisters in other countries have to live with each and every day in order to help manufacture these things you are buying, often for less that a $ per day to put some simple food on their table and put a roof over their head for the night. The filthy polluted and undrinkable water they give their children to drink everyday because they have no other option, the diseases they have to endure and suffer from because they cannot afford the vaccines to protect them, and the wars raging in their countries which are most often fuelled by greed, greed for control of the land which is ‘Our’s and not your’s’ or for the commodities like oil and precious metals that lay beneath these lands.


Where is our world heading?

Why is it spinning out of control?

Why are our politicians and governments not listening?

Where will it all end?

We…my friends can make change…but we need to come together as ONE VOICE!

Namaste with Love




The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it!

Published 01/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Chinese Proverb

Our World, We are in this together, if we want things to change then ‘WE’ had better do something about it!

Some say “change cannot Happen”

Some say, “This is what life is, we need to live with it”

Some say, “Nothing can be done, they are stronger than us”

Some say, “I wish things were different”

Some say, “It’s not my problem”

Some say, “It’s their fault, they brought it on themselves”

When i read the news, watch the TV and listen to speeches regarding the problems of this world it makes me sad 😦 and I know I as one cannot wave a magic wand and make our world the perfect place to live. I alone cannot bring about world peace, end starvation, bring jobs to the jobless, solve the global financial crisis, cure disease and bring an end to war….however, I do know that i am one voice, one soul and I have a right as a human being of this planet to stand up and say…Enough is Enough!

Coastal pollution1279122545-rwandan-genocide_73396D079A0F7-9B2A-4BE1-900B-FD03BB9FBB91_mw1024_n_sScreen-Shot-2013-04-20-at-05.51.061001679_275433935930178_370500822_nHomeless

We need change, we need our voices to be heard, we need our elected governments to listen, we need the corporations and the people that lead them to listen to our voices…..We need change….Not one person, not 100 people, not, 1,000 people but millions of like minded souls of this earth from different walks of life, from different countries, from different religions, with different languages  with different cultures need to be heard…….

Our world is in a self distructing spiral, spinning rapidly out of control, and the majority of people at the lower end of  the financial spectrum are the ones who are being hit the most and unless we fall into that category the majority of our worlds population pay no attention, they go about their days blinkered to the realities that are happening in our world…to our brothers and sisters, to our environment and to OUR world.

The Russell Brand interview on Newsweek that I posted yesterday got me thinking again and I thought, ‘WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, WE CAN MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN’ but we need to do it in every town, every city, every country and we need to speak as one, ONE GLOBAL VOICE which MUST be listened to, a voice of our world, none of us owns this planet, none of us including our governments own the lands we call our countries, not one country or government or corporation owns our oceans, no one owns our sky, our atmosphere and our space…we are only guests here, we are supposed to be custodians of this world we call home…..The problem is we have FORGOTTEN and we allow ourselves to be controlled to the extent that we no longer have a voice!

Listed below are a few people from different walks of life, from different religions, from different timelines in history, with different languages and cultures, all of which were instrumental in change…You may have more to add to this list and you may disagree that some of them should not be on this list at all…but who am I I to say if they deserve to be on this list or not!….It’s all down to choice.


All I can say is….Like these people, we can make change but this time we need to do it together….as ONE GLOBAL VOICE.

Namaste my friends

With Love



The information below is courtesy of

people Abraham Lincoln – Abraham Lincoln overcame many setbacks to become the most influential American President. In his famous Gettysburg speech, he inspired the nation with his noble words and helped to bring about the abolishment of slavery.
people Benjamin Franklin. Great polymath and promoter of American ideals at home and in the US. A practical man of great dynamism and good character.
people Mikhail Gorbachev. Had the courage, tenacity and strength of character to give up the absolute power of Soviet Communism. Moved the Soviet Union to democracy and respect for human rights. Gorbachev enabled the Berlin Wall to come down giving freedom to Eastern Europe.
people Jesus Christ. Prophet and inspiration of Christianity. Taught a message of love, forgiveness and faith. Born in a turbulent period of Roman rule, after his crucifixion, his message inspired millions around the world.
people William Wilberforce. Fought tirelessly for ending the slave trade, at a time when many accepted it as an ‘economic necessity’. He awakened the conscience of many of his fellow countryman and made slavery appear unacceptable.
people Nelson Mandela. Campaigned for justice and freedom in his South Africa. Spent 20 years in jail for his opposition to apartheid. On release he healed the wounds of apartheid by his magnanimous attitude to his former political enemies.
people Albert Einstein. His theories of relativity were a very significant scientific breakthrough. As well as being a genius scientist, Einstein was also a champion of human rights and campaigned for a more peaceful world.
people Marie Curie. Marie Curie was awarded a Nobel Prize for both Chemistry and Physics. Her discoveries with radiation helped advance medical science. Also, her achievements were even more remarkable at a time when few women gained education.
people Thomas Jefferson. One of America’s founding fathers, Jefferson helped draft the Declaration of Independence and foster a belief in human rights. Amongst other achievements, Jefferson passed one of the first bills on religious tolerance in his state of Virginia.
people Martin Luther King. Inspiring leader of the non-violent civil rights movement. Inspired millions of people black and white to aspire for a more equal society.
people William Shakespeare. Shakespeare remains the King of English literature. His plays and poetry captured the richness and diversity of human existence in the most powerful and poetic way.
people Leonardo da Vinci – One of the greatest minds in human history. There were few areas, Leonardo didn’t delve into. In many areas he was a couple of centuries ahead of scientific discovery. He helped make great advances in anatomy, astronomy, physics, science and others. He also painted the most iconic picture in history – The Mona Lisa.
people Muhammad Ali – Champion boxer and great character. Refused to fight in Vietnam war and became a champion of civil rights and African interests.
king Helen Keller – Despite disability of both deafness and blindness, she learned to read and write, becoming a champion of social issued and helping to improve the welfare of deaf people.
people Rosa Parks Rosa Parks became a well respected figurehead of the American civil rights movement. Rosa showed what ordinary people can do when they stick fast to their beliefs in testing conditions.
people Mother Teresa – Lived a life of poverty to try an ameliorate the conditions of others. Her devotion and compassion inspired the lives of many thousands she came into contact with.
people Mahatma Gandhi – Gandhi was the principle figurehead of the Indian independence movement. Taught a philosophy of non-violence and peaceful protest.
people Winston Churchill. In the worst moments of 1940, the Nazi war machine looked invincible as it swept through Europe. Churchill inspired the free nations to keep alive the fight against the tyranny of Hitler’s Germany.
people Buddha – The Buddha was a young prince who gave up the comforts of palace life to seek the meaning of life meditating in the forests. After gaining realisation, the Buddha spent the remainder of his life travelling around India teaching a middle path of meditation and inner peace.
people Socrates – Socrates showed the power and integrity of independent thought. Socrates taught by encouraging people to honestly question their pre-conceptions. His method of self-enquiry laid the foundations of Western Philosophic thought.
people Tom Paine – Free thinking radical who passionately argued for greater democracy and representation for ordinary people. Influential in American and French revolutions, though narrowly escaped with his life after falling foul of Robespierre.
people Jane Goodall – Made groundbreaking study into the behaviour of chimpanzee’s. Became a noted campaigner and activist for environmental protection and kindness to animals.
people Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale helped to revolutionise the treatment of patients after her experience of treating wounded soldiers in the Crimean war.
people Anne Frank. Anne Frank was nobody special, just an ordinary teenage girl. But, she became a symbol of how ordinary people can get caught up in man’s inhumanity. But, despite the most testing of conditions Anne retained an optimistic spirit.
people Galileo – Scientist who helped make great strides in Astronomy and helped challenge ruling religious orthodoxy.
people Swami Vivekananda – Arriving in American as a penniless Hindu sannyasin, Vivekananda became the star of the 1893 World Parliament of Religions calling for religious tolerance and religious unity. Also encouraged the education of women and inspired fellow Indians to take greater pride and belief in the best of Hindu culture.
people George Orwell – George Orwell was a democratic socialist who fought in the Spanish civil war on the side of the republicans. He gave up his privileged education to spend time with the unemployed of the Great Depression. His greatest contribution was warning of the dangers of totalitarian regimes – whatever the ideology may be behind them.
people John M Keynes. The greatest economist of the twentieth century. Keynes laid the framework for modern macroeconomics offering solutions to the dreadful calamity of the Great Depression
people Marcus Aurelius – Roman emperor and philosopher.
people William Blake – Poet and artist. – “To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.”
people Catherine The Great – Queen of Russia who was noted for taking a more enlightened approach towards her subjects.
people Princess Diana – Involved in many humanitarian charities. Helped to destigmatise issues such as AIDS.
people Confucius – Influential Chinese philosopher who laid ground work for much of Chinese philosophy and society.
people Mozart – A musical genius who gives joy to millions of people
people John Keats – Romantic Poet.

A thing of Beauty is a joy forever.

people Raisa Gorbachev – Wife of Mikhail Gorbachev. Engaged in humanitarian works and supported her husband during great change of his Presidency.
people Eleanor Roosevelt. Supporter of the rights of women and opressed in society. Helped to draft the UN Declaration of human rights.
people Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson had a vision for a League of Nations – a forum where nations could come together to solve disputes. The League of Nations struggled to make an impact before the Second World War, but, became more effective.
people Leo Tolstoy – Influential Russian author, whose great epics include War and Peace. His philosophy of non-violence and a return to rural simplicity inspired other politicians such as Gandhi.
people Sri Krishna – Revered as Hindu Spiritual Teacher. Responsible for the immortal dialogue contained in the Bhagavad Gita.
people Louis Pasteur – French scientist who found many important improvements in medical science, e.g. vaccination for Rabies – and a safe way to pasteurise milk.
people Rumi – Sufi poet
people Charles Darwin. Darwin published his Origin of Species detailing a belief in evolution at a time when such a decision was very controversial.
people Akbar – The Great Moghul Emperor who went a long way to uniting India under his rule. Though a great warrior Akbar was also known for his love of culture, music and philosophy. He introduced enlightened laws on religious tolerance in his kingdom and encouraged representatives of different religions to come to his court.
people Barack Obama. America’s first black president. Offered a positive message of hope to America and world. Barack Obama stood for a return to American values based on liberty and respect for human rights. Awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2009
people C S Lewis – Author of best selling chronicles of Narnia and Christian apologist.
people Saladin – Muslim leader during crusades, respected by even opposing armies
people Oprah Winfrey – US talk show host who became an important figurehead for women in America. Encouraged belief in self-improvement.
people Martin Luther – Martin Luther was the most influential figure in the reformation of the sixteenth century. It was Luther who challenged the excesses of the Catholic church leading to the protestant movement – and forcing the Catholic Church to reinvigorate itself.
people Edward Jenner – led pioneering work on the development of an inoculation against the deadly smallpox. Opened up the way to more immunisations, arguably saving the lives of millions of people around the world.
people Sir Isaac Newton – One of the greatest scientists of all time. Isaac Newton led the foundation of modern physics with his development of theories on gravity and mechanics
people St Francis of Assisi – Christian mystic who founded new order committed to essence of Christian gospels.
people 14th Dalai Lama – Spiritual leader of Tibetan people. Helped to popularise principles of Buddhism around the world
people Pablo Picasso – Iconic twentieth century artist, known for his commitment to peace.
people John Lennon – Iconic singer song writer. Member of the Beatles.
people Desmond Tutu – South African anti-apartheid campaigner. Sought to heal wounds after end of apartheid through Truth and Reconcilliation committee.
people Michelangelo – Never suffering from false modesty, Michelangelo referred to himself as ‘God’s own artist’. But, in the case of Michelangelo his self-belief was well justified. During his lifetime, he produced some of the greatest works of art ever produced – The Pieta, The Sistine Chapel, the Statue of David.
people Lord Baden Powell – Founder of the Scout Movement
people Jesse Owens – Jesse Owen’s four gold medals at Hitler’s 1936 Olympics in Berlin was one of the great moments of sport, which helped to puncture the Nazi ideology of Aryan supremacy. Jesse Owens was a modest hero who remained a great ambassador for the sport.
people John F. Kennedy – US President who offered new vision for his country.
people Pope John Paul II – Polish pope who played a role in transition from Communist to a more democratic Eastern Europe.
people Raphael – Artist. Raphael was an Italian painter of the Renaisance.
people Beethoven – Great Classical Composer w
people Sri Chinmoy – An Indian spiritual teacher who combined the best of Eastern and Western cultures. Founded the World Harmony Run, a world wide run to promote greater friendship and understanding.
people St Teresa of Avila – 16th Century Spanish mystic and poet. Helped re-vitalise religious life in Spain, despite the Inquisition and patriarchal nature of society.
people Pele – One of world’s greatest ever footballers.
people Abbe Pierre – French humanitarian who set up charity for the homeless.
people Sri Aurobindo – Early Indian nationalist leader who later retired from politics to devote his life to yoga, spirituality and poetry.
people Annie Besant – involved in representing women and workers in 19th Century Britain. Became leading member of Theosophy society and supported Indian independence
people Emile Zatopek – Greatest long distance runner. Winning three gold medals at the 1954 Olympics. Principled supporter of Czech democracy, being sent to work in mines for his opposition to the Communist government.
people St Therese Lisieux – A Carmelite nun, who died aged 24, unknown to the world. Yet, after her death her simple writings had a profound effect becoming one of the best selling spiritual writings. Her approach was a deceptively simple approach of doing the smallest acts with love.
people J R R Tolkien – Oxford professor and writer of The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings.
people Audrey Hepburn – Actress later involved in working for UNESCO
people Emily Dickinson – Celebrated female poet.
people Betty Williams – Awarded Nobel Peace prize for her peace work in Northern Ireland.
people Paramhansa Yogananda – Indian spiritual teacher who helped popularise yoga and meditation
people Maharishi Mahesh yogi – Spiritual teacher who brought meditation to the west.
people Bernadette Soubirous – Saint of Lourdes
people Carl Lewis – Olympian champion runner.
people Bob Geldof – Musician and charity campainger. Launched ‘Band Aid’ in 1984 to help African famine.
people Eva Peron – Argentinian ‘First Lady’ Founded influential charity and helped create more equal society.
people Sir Titus Salt – Victorian industrialist who was also concerned for welfare of workers. Helped to build model village and insist on better working conditions.
people Augn San Suu Kyi – Leader of oppostion in Myanmar. Recently released from house arrest, she has been awarded the Nobel Peace prize for her fight for democracy and human rights.
people John M. Keynes. Keynes was a revolutionary economist, who explained the causes of the Great Depression and how it might be solved. He created the discipline of macroeconomics.
people Steve Jobs – Charismatic founder of Apple. Helped create new standards of design in technology.
people Dietrich Bonhoeffer –German pastor and pacifist who was executed for his opposition to Hitler in Nazi Germany.
people Harriet Becher Stow – American writer and campaigner against slavery. Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
people Kofi Annan – Secretary General of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006. Awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2001
people Lech Walesa – Polish opposition leader who became symbolic figure in efforts to end Communist rule.
people Millicent Fawcett – English suffragist who campaigned for equal rights and votes for women. Leader of the largest Suffrage movement the NUWSS, who advocated peaceful, constitutional change.
people Maya Angelou – Modern American poet.
Malala Yousafzai – Pakistani schoolgirl who defied threats of the Taliban to campaign for the right to education. She survived being shot in the head by the Taliban and has become a global advocate for human rights, womens rights and the right to education.

Revolution or Change…Has Russell Brand got a point?

Published 31/10/2013 by inspiringyourspirit
Revolution or change?…
Russell Brand is very passionate and he certainly has some powerful words and beliefs and for sure change needs to happen!
We don’t need a revolution to make change happen, but we do need to come together as humans who share a need for our planet to survive and for peace to become a reality not just a dream…I’m certainly up for change and I say we must to do something to make it happen!…The main problem is ‘Fear’, fear that we are not worthy, fear that the people we put into power in governments and corporations are better and stronger than us…We must remember that the only reason they are in power is because we allow them to be!Namaste my friends

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