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Perplexity over Delusion

Published 07/07/2015 by inspiringyourspirit


If deluded, one will have questions, which is doubt;

If deluded, one will fall into a state of dilemma, which is confusion;

If deluded, one will be lured by the external realm, which is temptation;

If deluded, one will be deceived by fake presentation, which is deception;

Delusion arising, afflictions arise; with afflictions, there comes misfortune.

Food for thought my friends, food for thought.

Namaste with Love



Listen To Your Heart and Follow Its Infinite Wisdom

Published 08/05/2014 by inspiringyourspirit


How many of you listen to your heart?

Do you really listen to your heart or is it your Ego?

Im currently going through a series of dilemmas, dilemmas of which not only effect me, they also effect my wife, my children, to a certain extent my family, my career and my colleagues and although I cannot go into details here on my humble blog lets just say they are massive decisions I need to make. Now, for most people these decisions would be easy to make especially if they are looking for a bigger career, more challenges, more money and more notoriety but for me these are not my goals, I know if I go with the majority then my life for the next few years will be tied up in business, business which I enjoy very much but is it really what I need in my life? There in lies the biggest dilemma!

Actually I want to establish a spiritual and wellness counselling business, probably in another country far from here but its like starting life anew, taking risks not only of myself but also for my wife and my children, I have no worries about myself, I know I can do it, my calling from source is to follow this pathway but my ego is holding me back, the nagging ego making me procrastinate at every turn in the pathway toward making a decision!

My heart tells me to follow my destiny, following this intuition has always been good to me throughout my life, whenever i come to a crossroad or a problem is placed in front of me, my heart shows me the way every time, without fail and with its own unconditional love for my wellbeing.

So what’s holding me back? Is it the fact of starting all over again, is it the fear of failing my family or is it that i don’t think i can provide for my family through a spiritual practice?

I guess I need to do some deep meditations and truly listen to my heart and act upon its wisdom!

Namaste with Love my friends


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